Cris Cab

Cris Cab – “Livin On Sunday”


Ask most men and they'll tell you Sundays are meant for three things: football, naps and possibly church, depending who you ask.

wyclef jean

Cris Cab – Echo Boom Mixtape

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Can you imagine if your first mixtape featured Wyclef Jean, Shaggy, Melonia Fiona and Pharrell, who also happened to be the one funding it.


Cris Cab – “In My Dreams”

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For starters, <a href="">Cris Cab</a> has a mixtape dropping with Billionaire Boys Club.


Cris Cab Keeps Us Appreciative

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<a href=""> Sometimes she cooks. Sometimes she makes me do it myself. Occasionally, she'll come home to me sunk into the couch and even deeper into the computer, see stacks of unwashed dishes and simply say, "You're fending for your self tonight." Then, an hour later, both my ass and brain will be numb from unmoving and never-ending edits, yet coming my way will be some delicious concoction of unwavering love, delivered to me against my strong young female's typically rock-solid will and answering my stomach's sidetracked cries. Other days, I'm left toasting waffles. Whatever the dish, my better half has been just that for almost ten years now and I can wholeheartedly say her no's help me grow just as much as her yes's. Eventually, bad habits must be broken if you want to procure positive results in life, and my green-eyed sidekick helps me battle that paradox on the daily. Such is the reason I 'keep her around' as my spiteful coworkers might say, and also why I bring up <a href="">Cris Cab</a> and his lighthearted ditty "Good Girls.

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