Nice Try, Pal. But There’s No Such Thing as Redemption in this Neighborhood.


Rob the Crying Giants Fan first rose to prominence here at KSK, so it's nice to see his story reach a televised audience, even if Daniel Tosh's Web Redemption missed the little things that made the original video so delightful, like Rob joining the comments section and egging on our legion of satanic jackals to be crueler to him.

xmas ape

Won’t You Help to Sing/These Songs of Freedom/’Cause All I Ever Have/Redemption Skits


Rob, the Giants fan who transmogrified from regular sweatshirted lumpy guy to a weepy pathetic slimy mess following his team's loss to the Eagles in divisional playoffs last year, gets a chance at some web redemption tomorrow night courtesy of tosh.


Drunk, fat, crying Giants fan defends himself.


UPDATE Blubbering (and blubbery) Giants fan Rob emerged to speak on his own behalf in the comments of Saturday’s post.

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