A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition

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<a href=""> Ever since Meka moved to New York, game got real. Our homies over at <a href="">the (2)Dopehouse</a> show their love and appreciation for the Big Apple rap circuit with their mixtape A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition.


Lebron James: King Of New York

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<a href=""> "We gotta have a team with somebody his mom wants to get fingerbanged by..." You guessed it. Nobody is fazed <a href="">by the Amar'e move</a>, the people of New York still demand a checkmate in signing LeBron James.


“Microwave Mayonaisse…”

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Give <a href="">Dallas Penn</a> a Flip cam plus a Marvel action figure & he'll give you things such as this.

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