New Yorkers Are Looking For Snow Day Companionship On Craigslist


Plenty of New Yorkers took to Craigslist before Winter Storm Juno, looking for someone to share a grown-up snow day.


Elderly Singles Can Now Swipe Left Or Right With Their Very Own Tinder App


Stitch, as it's called, hopes to spice up the lives of single seniors.


Woman Fakes Her Own Death To Escape Creep She Met Online, Has Hilarious Texts To Prove It

By | 17 Comments

He wouldn't let her break up with him. So she resorted to (hilariously) desperate measures.


TagMeADate.com Is Like eHarmony For Lonely Wrestling Fans And Hey, Stop Laughing

By | 41 Comments

TagMeADate.com hopes to be the #1 online destination for pro wrestling fans looking for a relationship. No, really.

Neil Young

Heart Of Old: Neil Young Is Now Dating Daryl Hannah

By | 6 Comments

Neil Young got divorced last month, but he's already dating Daryl Hannah. Go him?


OK Cupid Wants You To Know It Experimented On You Because That’s How The Internet Works

By | 6 Comments

OKCupid put out an interesting blog post today admitting they've been experimenting on users, noting that this is how the Internet works.

the neg

Bay Area Nerds Are Turning To PUAs To Learn How To Talk To Women

By | 5 Comments

Nerds are so bad at talking to women they're hiring PUAs to teach them how.

uproxx video

UPROXX Video: When Eating In Front Of The Person You’re Dating Goes Horribly Wrong

By | 5 Comments

Meet Rebecca. She seems nice. But she has a problem: she's terrified to eat in front of her man. But why?!


Meet The Reddit-Enraging Food Blogger Who Only Goes On Dates So She Can Eat ‘Without Having To Pay’

By | 27 Comments

There's a serial dater using men in Toronto for free food, and her name is Erin Wotherspoon.


Watch A Couple Speed Through The Pleasure And Horror Of ‘A Relationship In 5 Minutes’


Relationships are the best, relationships are the worst, all in one five-minute video.


Jesus, Gabby Douglas, Just Go Out With This Kid Already

By | 4 Comments

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas still won't give a straight answer to Leon Purvis, the kid who asked her to prom and, uh, won't stop asking her out.


‘Horny InfoWarrior’ Is The Man That Single Women In Minnesota Have Been Waiting For

By | 12 Comments

Well, I don’t normally like to hand out the annual awards until December rolls around, but I think it’s safe to say that, unless anyone in Florida objects, we have found our Craigslist Ad of the Year.


Asbestos Girl


A girl who's obsessed with Asbestos Removal Workers goes on a date with an Asbestos Removal Worker.


Supervillain Speed Dating


Hey, bad guys need a little love from time to time, too.


Bad Boyfriend


How to cure your boyfriend of his wandering eye.


How To Get Any Girl’s Number


Here's a simple trick to get any girl's phone number in a matter of seconds.


The Men of LA


A video response to the super viral takedown of the materialistic women of Los Angeles: The Women of LA.

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