STS (Sugar Tongue Slim)

STS – “In For The Kill” Video

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Sampling a current hit is a double-edged sword.

The Sole Music EP

STS Feat. Donwill – “Sole Music (Remix)”


<a href=""> Because once you have <a href="">the original</a>, there must be a remix.

The Sole Music EP

STS – “Sole Music” Video

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<a href=""> In the minds of many men, kicks and girls are weighted against one another like Nas and Jigga, Bron Bron and Kobe, or any other never-ending debate we've got cocked back in our trigger-happy heads. Luckily for us, once in a blue moon we get a Team USA or "Black Republican" to temporarily alleviate the arguments. Or, in the case of <a href="">Suga Tongue Slim</a>, finding a fine dime piece who happens to be as kick-happy as he while in the shoe store shooting the visual for his ode to females and footwear, "Sole Music.


STS – “The People”

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<a href=""> <a href="">Sugar Tongue Slim</a> is going to do big things in the rap game.

Truck North

STS – Demand More 2

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If you couldn't tell by the leaks or the swagger, <a href="">Sugar Tongue Slim a.k.a. STS</a> has a silky smooth flow but he still believes in pushing the creative boundaries in Hip-Hop to the limit.

We Got Now

Sugar Tongue Slim – “In For The Kill”

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With slick-as-black-ice wordplay and knack for lacing the pearl.

We Got Now

Sugar Tongue Slim Feat. Cassidy & R.L. – “Parachute”

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<a href="">Sugar Tongue Slim's</a> "Parachute" is one of those records that leaves you swaying back and fourth in your chair, clinching your fists and wincing like your bracing for an ensuing tetanus shot.

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