Ow, My Balls!: The 10 Best Sports Nut Shots Of 2013

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Instead of a list of actual important sports moments that inspired and moved us, here are our 10 favorite sports nut shots of the year.

Basketball Highlights

Kevin Love Called For Block, DeMarcus Cousins Gets A Charge…At The Same Damn Time

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The NFL replacement refs must have found a temp agency who happened to be looking for fill-ins in the NBA.


On DeMarcus Cousins & His Potential Coming Of Age Season

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A ton of great stories resonated from the NBA this summer.


DeMarcus Cousins Won, Paul Westphal Fired By Kings

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Who do you part ways with - the big-money, young player or the head coach.


DeMarcus Cousins Would Rather Be Locked Out Than In Sacramento

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The Sacramento Kings seemed like a perfect fit for DeMarcus Cousins.


The Top 5 NBA Tandems Of Tomorrow

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Graphics By <a href="">Dimplez</a> Look up and down the list of NBA championship-winning teams.


DeMarcus Destined for D-League?


When a prospect for the NBA Draft, or any draft for that matter, is deemed to have "character issues," there should be some sort of relative scale to determine what sort of issues they have.

bill simmons

DeMarcus Cousins Needs a Babysitter

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The Sacramento Kings must be nervous about the emotional maturity of their first round draft pick, DeMarcus Cousins, because there's no other reason the franchise would hire Cousins' high school coach, Otis Hughley.

2010 NBA Draft

Kentucky Is Really Gonna Suck Next Year

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<a href=""> After the NBA Finals comes the last bit of interesting pro ball news for months on end: the NBA Draft. To little surprise, the Washington Wizards went with the no-brainer and scooped <a href="">John Wall</a> for the #1 pick in hopes he gives Gilbert Arenas proper ammunition on the basketball court.


“UK2K” – Kentucky Wildcats The First NCAA Team To 2,000 Wins

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While it's probably been some time since you've seen someone on the street wearing a <a href="">Kentucky Wildcats</a> sweatsuit to match their Air Forces, the once dominant institution is shaping back to championship form; starting the season 12-0 and becoming <a href="">the first team in NCAA history</a> (as in all sports,) to win 2,000 games.

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