Here’s What To Make Of The New York Knicks Hiring Derek Fisher As Their New Head Coach

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There's a new head coach in town and he's one of Phil Jackson's homies.

taiwanese animation

Taiwanese Report: David Stern Is Gay, Can Beat NBA Players At One-On-One

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Next Media Animation's latest video is easy their most accurate, succinctly explaining the NBA Lockout situation to foreign audiences and stoned people on the Internet by having commissioner David Stern (wearing a blazer with a big "STERN" on the back) avenge the death of a cubist man representing the Detroit Pistons franchise by breaking into Derek Fisher's house with a chainsaw, cutting in half a pizza Kobe had baked with LeBron James and scaring LeBron so badly he travels to China and loses at basketball and is emasculated by a communist panda.


Brian Cardinal Is A Pretty Smart Guy

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On July 1, as the league's collective bargaining agreement expired, the NBA's owners locked out the players.


Derek Fisher, Other NBA Players To Owners: #LetUsPlay, #StandUnited

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NBA players and owners will meet again today Monday, October 10th in attempts to hash out their differences once more before the first few weeks of the season have to be canceled.


You Sure You Guys Can Squeeze This One In?

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After Tuesday’s all-important, ultimate decision-making meeting between the NBA owners and players, we were treated not only to another deadline threat from commissioner David Stern, but also a statement by union director Billy Hunter that he and the players just don’t have time to meet this month.


And Dwyane Wade Was All Like, ‘Oh Hell No’

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After being criticized for their collective absence from labor negotiations, the NBA’s biggest stars showed up to Friday’s meeting between the NBA owners and players union in New York City to flex their muscles.


Dan Gilbert May Be Keeping The Lockout Alive

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Yesterday, NBA Players Union President Derek Fisher finally took a major step forward in not only the public relations war but in the general process of ending the NBA Lockout.


Shocking: No Progress For The NBA

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Yesterday, the NBA owners and players union met for what many analysts called a critical conversation that would decide the fate of the league's camps and preseason games beginning on time.


Is There Going To Be A Season Or Not?

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NBA owners, players and league executives are meeting again today for the fourth time in a week, as someone finally brought in a dictionary and pointed to the word “urgent.


So The NBA Owners And Players Finally Met

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but there isn’t going to be a NBA season this year.


The NBA Is Totally Screwed

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It’s been a few days since we last checked in on the NBA Lockout, so why don’t we take a look at the progress being made… haha, made you look, stupid.


9.1 The Cooler

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Vickie6 Troy Polamalu's Hair Is Insured For $1 Million [Gawker] 5 Rapper Endorsements We Want Now [The BVX] A History of NBA Twitter Fails [Complex] A Gallery Of Super Tall Girls: Yeah I’d Hit It [Ego [...].


Video: Corey Brewer Dunks On Derek Fisher

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This is like witnessing a crime being committed.


Open Thread: Lakers Vs. Magic, Game 5

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Join as we watch would could potentially be the last NBA game of the season.



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With <a href="">LA winning Game 4 in overtime</a> last night, one can reasonably assume that the Magic are effed.


Open Thread: NBA 2009 Finals, Game 1

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It's now okay to don your jerseys, authentics only please.

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