Taiwan Hates The New York Yankees, Loves Animating C.C. Sabathia’s Bones

If that preview image doesn't make you click the link, maybe this will: at one point in Taiwan's "New York Yankees didn't make the World Series" epic, Alex Rodriguez draws a sex emoticon on a ball and gets it tossed to a lady.


Hoo Boy, The Internet Hates Alex Rodriguez


Now that the Detroit Tigers have swept the New York Yankees, we can expect a ton of speculation about what the world’s most important baseball team will do in the offseason.


With Leather’s Watch This: Rain, Rain Go Away


Word around the Tweeters right now is that the weather looks pretty bleak in my beloved hometown of St.


I Love You, First Pitch Robot

Here's a video of a robot throwing out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game.


Win $500 With FanDuel Fantasy Baseball And Make Me Feel Like Justin Verlander

We're playing FanDuel fantasy baseball again this week, and one way or another I'll end up feeling like Justin Verlander.


The American League Can Blame Kate Upton For Losing


According to people who keep a much closer watch on who athletes are dating than we do, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander has been in a relationship with the same girl since college.


Kate Upton Is Almost Drunk Enough To Have Fun At A Tigers Game


I'm not one to narc on a beautiful woman having a good time, but here's a clip of Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton -- 20-year old Kate Upton -- enjoying a clear, yellow-ish beverage in a transparent plastic cup at a Detroit Tigers home game over the weekend.


FanDuel $500 Fantasy Baseball Is Coming At You Faster Than A Prince Fielder Triple

It's here! Tonight's fantasy baseball game with With Leather is giving you a chance to turn a $2 entry fee into a Prince Fielder-sized chunk of a $500 prize pool.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Detroit Tigers


Or, "Dude, yer gettin' arrested for a hate crime".


Prince Fielder Signs $214M, 9 Year Contract With Detroit Tigers


In news sure to keep opposing AL Central pitchers up at night, the Detroit Tigers have agreed in principal to sign slugging first baseman Prince Fielder to a nine-year deal, reportedly north of $200 million.


Texas, And The Saddest Rain Delay In History


Major League Baseball missed out on a marquee Justin Verlander/C.


Did You Know That Moneyball Comes Out Tomorrow?


With Moneyball set to hit theaters tomorrow, Sony Pictures has the PR and marketing armada in full force, with the exclamation point being Brad Pitt on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.


Congratulations, Jim Thome, Don't Get Anybody Pregnant


Jim Thome’s back was aching, his toe was throbbing and his quad was cramping, turning his pursuit of 600 home runs into a painful endeavor that made him wonder if he would even reach the milestone before season’s end.


The Dugout: Meet the UltraMets


In case you haven't been paying attention to the Mets since last Friday, these are the scores from their last four games, not counting the one in progress as this is being written: 6-25 @Rangers W 14-5 6-26 @Rangers W 8-5 6-28 @Tigers W 14-3 6-29 @Tigers W 16-9 Something crazy is happening to the Mets, and in the world of the Dugout that's a more dangerous topic than "Roger Clemens stabbed somebody in the heart and paid to have it covered up".


Free Fantasy Baseball Reminder: Sorry About Buster Posey


A few days ago I announced the return of's free fantasy baseball game at With Leather, including a big photo of Buster Posey and a story about how I drafted him in the last game and he was terrible.

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