Sofia the First

Disney Is Debuting Its First Latina Princess On ‘Sofia The First’


Disney is adding some diversity to its princess line-up with Elena of Avalor, their first Latina princess.


‘Tomorrowland’ Teases Its Super Bowl Trailer With Jet Packs And George Clooney


Disney will be debuting a new 30-second trailer for Tomorrowland during the Super Bowl, but here is Disney's teaser for the trailer.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Will Star In Disney’s Live-Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Remake

By | 16 Comments

Emma Watson will show off her pipes as Belle in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

By | 2 Comments

It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, some cute, and some awesome.

#Star Wars

George Lucas Says Disney Wasn’t Interested In His ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Ideas

By | 18 Comments

George Lucas claims that while his ideas for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' were purchased by Disney, JJ Abrams and Co. chose not to use them.


Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Goes All Out

By | 121 Comments

'Gotham' sees the wheels come off tonight, and we'll be liveblogging every moment.


Disney Is Adding ‘Dexter’ Star Michael C. Hall To Their ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Reboot

By | 2 Comments

As if "Pete's Dragon" wasn't creepy enough, 'Dexter's' Michael C. Hall has signed on to play around with the titular imaginary reptile.


Why A Music Festival Might Mean A Title Change For Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’

By | 8 Comments

Disney's 'Tomorrowland' will have to be called something different in other countries.

Ant Man

Paul Rudd’s Experience With Edgar Wright And ‘Ant-Man’ Was An ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’

By | 6 Comments

Edgar Wright's departure is still hanging over the press coverage for Marvel's upcoming 'Ant-Man,' including Paul Rudd's upcoming interview with Entertainment Weekly.


J.J. Abrams Is Terrified About ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

By | 5 Comments

J.J. Abrams speaks about the "terrifying prospect" of making a Star Wars movie that would be "worthy of people's time".


Watch This Adorable Little Girl Challenge Disney World’s Gaston To An Arm Wrestling Match

By | 3 Comments

The Gaston performer at Disney World continues to take guff from the world's children.

#Star Wars

Aaron Paul Finally Weighs In On Those Han Solo Rumors

By | 24 Comments

Is there a Han Solo prequel, and is Aaron Paul playing him? Paul has the answer to one of those questions.


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Challenge Disney World’s Gaston To A Push Up Contest

By | 17 Comments

Gaston from 'Beauty and the Beast' shows this guy why you shouldn't challenge Disney World characters in public.

star wars: the force awakens

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Is Now The Most Anticipated Movie Of 2015

By | 2 Comments

According to a new Fandango poll, 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' has beat out these other movies as the most anticipated film of 2015.

star wars: the force awakens

New Pictures Of The Millenium Falcon From ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Have Been Released

By | 8 Comments

The trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' gave us an amazing look at the Millenium Falcon, but a magazine article goes a step further.

Christina Aguilera

Did Christina Aguilera Cuss Out Mickey Mouse During A Birthday Trip To Disneyland?

By | 9 Comments

Christina Aguilera spent her 34th birthday at Disneyland, where she may have gotten into a verbal altercation with Mickey Mouse.

#Star Wars

George Lucas Knows Exactly How He’d Destroy The ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’

By | 16 Comments

George Lucas has strong opinions about the 'Star Wars Holiday Special' and a desire to do something about it.


Discover The Fascinating Story Of How The 16-Bit ‘Aladdin’ And ‘Lion King’ Games Were Made

By | 13 Comments

Who doesn't love the Genesis versions of 'Aladdin' and 'The Lion King'? Here's the interesting story of how they were made.

#Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick, Liam Neeson, And Eddie Redmayne Discussed Sexy Cartoon Characters On ‘Graham Norton’

By | 2 Comments

Have you ever found a cartoon character sexy? You're in good company with Anna Kendrick, Liam Neeson, and Eddie Redmayne.

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