The CPR: Blendtape

Gods’Illa – CPR: The Blend Tape (Hosted By DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu)

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What started as a conversation and CD exchange at last year's A3C Festival in Atlanta culminates in us presenting <a href="">Gods'Illa's</a> CPR: The Blend Tape today.


On Erykah Badu As DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown

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<a href=""> Alter egos exist throughout music, giving artists room to experiment without their main hustle suffering too many repercussions. Badu's one who can ply her wares in almost any musical lane and fans will find a way to follow along to her Pied Piper tunes and it's mostly because she's a crafty sorceress, adept and well-studied. As evidenced in the visual short below, <a href="">Lo Down Loretta Brown</a>, the performance name Erykah rocks as a DJ, knows the pulse of what people want, able to dictate the pace of music from behind the DJ booth just as well as she can the microphone while singing.

The CPR: Blendtape

Gods’illa – “Sal’s Pizzeria”

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<a href=""> In a few short weeks, the The CPR: Blendtape will be delivered courtesy of <a href="">Gods'illa</a>, the trio comprised of three actual brothers Acem Eternal Mind, God Allah Truth & Powerful Rasheem Mathematics.

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