Conan Creeps On The Locals And Memorizes Some Spanish In These Previews For ‘Conan In Cuba’


'Conan In Cuba' is happening and if you're still on the fence about tuning in, these previews should help to change your mind.


Dog Would Rather Confine Itself To A Wintry Prison Than Drop Its Big Stick

By | 3 Comments

This poor dog just can't figure out why it can't get through the fence.


This GEICO ‘Unskippable’ Ad That Rewards Viewers For Not Clicking Away Is A Goddamn Delight

By | 9 Comments

GEICO has a new ad campaign and we think this one in particular is pretty great.

dog videos

Would You Like To See A Dog Shoveling Snow? Because Here Is A Dog Shoveling Snow.


You think you've seen a dog shoveling snow? YOU'VE NEVER SEEN A DOG SHOVELING SNOW.

more cowbell

This Dog Can’t Get Enough Cowbell In This Rendition Of ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’

By | 2 Comments

Maple the Golden Retriever here has a fever and there's only one cure ... MORE COWBELL.

police dogs

Police Officers Gathered To Pay Their Last Respects To K-9 Unit ‘Judge’ Before He Was Put To Sleep

By | 7 Comments

Judge the Czech Shepherd served in a South Jersey K-9 Unit for seven years before retiring last year.

Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones Are The Creepiest ‘Cute’ Thing On The Internet

By | 5 Comments

The internet loves cute animals and odd novelty gifts, so it was only a matter of time until someone came up with the cute-yet-completely-bizarre Cuddle Clones.

Super Fan Builds

An ‘Up’ Super-Fan Received A Dog House Straight Out Of His Favorite Movie

By | 4 Comments

The latest episode of 'Super-Fan Builds' features an 'Up' fan's dog receiving the ultimate dream house.


Yes, Your Dog Can Actually Tell Whether You’re Happy Or Sad

By | 8 Comments

Dogs, it turns out, can read human faces much better than we thought.


An Incredibly Loyal Dog Walked 20 Blocks To The Hospital To Visit Her Owner


Despite never having been to the hospital, this adorable miniature Schnauzer stopped at nothing to find her owner.


Guys, The Corgi Shortage In The United Kingdom Is Getting Seriously Serious

By | 12 Comments

Someone track down the corgi version of Barry White so they can start procreating STAT.

maroon 5

This German Shepherd Tells It Like It Is Upon Hearing Maroon 5’s ‘Animals’ In The Car

By | 3 Comments

This German Shepherd loses it while supposedly 'hearing her favorite song,' however we beg to differ.


Here’s The Sequel To Last Year’s Adorable Budweiser Super Bowl Puppy Commercial

By | 9 Comments

The sequel to last year's Budweiser 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl commercial is here and it will almost definitely make you cry.


40 Dogs Have Inexplicably Vanished From A Texas Town

By | 17 Comments

40 dogs are missing from a Texas town and everyone involved is baffled about their whereabouts.

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