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Here’s Robert Plant And Jimmy Fallon Creating A 2-Man Doo Wop Group Using Only An iPad


Robert Plant and Jimmy Fallon test the Loopy app with their rendition of the doo wop classic, 'Duke of Earl.'

The Arrival Mixtape

Planet Asia & Doo Wop – The Arrival Mixtape


From underneath the crushed vials and broken pipes on the asphalt, Planet Asia is moving past the "crack belt" and opening up on a dojo for his latest narrative, Black Belt Theatre.


Unkut x Doo Wop x Counter Strike Mixtape

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Hosted & mixed by Doo Wop, Unkut gathers together a whole team a roughneck rappers for Counter Strike, a mixtape compiled to celebrate the site's six years in the game.

True Blends

Doo Wop’s True Blends Mixtape

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Need music to accompany your Sunday drive.


Doo Wop – Cool Out 2010 Mixtape

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Odds are that no matter where you are right now, two things are certain.


Ras Kass – “Thank You”

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The Golden Child raps over the theme song from The Golden Girls and I haven't been so pleased since Cam jacked Hill Street Blues.

Summer Jam 1996

Doo-Wop – Summer Jam 1996

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Somebody throw me my old Encye t-shirt & a bottle of grape Cisco.

Tony Touch

Tony Toca!

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More and more hits - Nice & Smooth.


Doo-Wop – 95 Live Mixtapes

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"For all y'all that don't like the Squad.

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