Drake In Talks To Help Revive Failing Cellphone Manufacturer

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If Drake revives BBM, he might really be a legend.

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Drake, Lil Wayne Coming To A City Near You This Summer

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Looking for a fun way to impress that cute girl you work with? Start saving.


Vanessa Bayer Gives Drake Some Terrible Advice On Changing His Name


Drake probably shouldn't listen to media coach Janessa Slater, played by Vanessa Bayer.


On Drake, The First Canadian Invasion And The Time Before Blogs Ruled The ‘Net

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Drake wasn't the first to put the Great White North on the map.

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Which Rapper Has The Largest Vocabulary? This Handy Chart Has The Answer.

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Have you ever wondered which hip-hop artists have the largest vocabularies? Now there's a chart for that!


Lil Wayne Ft. Drake – “Believe Me” (Prod By. Boi-1da & Vinylz)

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Our first official glimpse into <em>Tha Carter V</em>.


The Raptors Gave Away Drake Lint Rollers To 1,200 Very Lucky Fans

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Playing off the 'news' story about Drake lint rolling his pants in his courtside seat, the Raptors gave away lint rollers last night.


It’s Completely Impossible To Make Fun Of Drake

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Lint-rolling is apparently popular in Canada these days.

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Ten Bucks Says Drake Is Already Sitting On A Lint Roller Joke For The ESPYs


Drake was caught lint-rolling his pants during an NBA playoff game and that has somehow become a news story.


NBA Fast Break: Pacers And Raptors Rebound To Even Both Series, Wizards Take 2-0 Lead Over Bulls

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The East isn't as stacked as the West, but Nets/Raptors is well-worth your attention.


Vintage American Advertisements, Now Featuring The World’s Biggest Music Stars

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Kanye West as Rosie the Riveter? Kurt Cobain pushing a drive-in restaurant? Only in David Redon's "Ads Libitum" series.

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The NBA Playoffs Begin Today And The City Of Toronto Has Drawn First Blood

By | 34 Comments

The Toronto Sun, Masai Ujiri and Drake all put on for their city today. And it backfired. Miserably.

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