‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Shares His Favorite Movies Of 2014

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If James Gunn's choices for the best movies of 2014 tell us anything, it's that he'd be a lot of fun to watch movies with.


How ‘Saved By The Bell’ Secretly Inspired ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

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It turns out 'Edge Of Tomorrow' and 'Saved by the Bell: The College Years' have a lot more in common than we ever would have guessed.


Weekend Box Office: $175 Million Alien Movie Destroyed By $12 Million Tween Weepie

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The $175 million-budgeted 'Edge of Tomorrow' got edged out by a $12 million tween weepie.


Weekend Movie Guide: ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Is Going To Make Your Tears Cry

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'Edge of Tomorrow' looks to excite while 'The Fault in Our Stars' wants to make moviegoers hang themselves from sadness this weekend.


Bro, Do You Even Montage? An ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Review

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'Edge of Tomorrow' is a lot like 'Groundhog Day' if you replace all the fun stuff with aliens.


‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Struggles With The Superman Problem

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'Edge Of Tomorrow' has a lot of action... but it can't quite make you care.


Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise For Real On The Set Of ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

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Emily Blunt gets to repeatedly kill Tom Cruise on screen in 'Edge Of Tomorrow,' but she also tried to kill him in real life too.


‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Has A Final Trailer With Less Tom Cruise Face-Shooting

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'Edge Of Tomorrow' talks up the love story for its final trailer, instead of the Tom Cruise shootin'. Bad choice, marketing department.


Four ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Clips Bring Us Emily Blunt Shooting Tom Cruise Repeatedly

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Four clips from 'Edge Of Tomorrow' star Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise's silly running in a 'Groundhog Day' style time loop with aliens.


Tom Cruise Updated His Twitter Bio And Now It Describes His Movie Career Perfectly

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Tom Cruise has had a legendary career that is nearly impossible to describe in 140 characters or less. But he managed to do it.


The Extended ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Trailer Really Likes Shooting Tom Cruise In The Face

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Tom Cruise dies in the new trailer for 'Edge Of Tomorrow.' Like, a lot.


Watch Tom Cruise Die Over And Over Again In The New Trailer For 'Edge Of Tomorrow'

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Here's the second trailer for 'Edge Of Tomorrow' starring Tom Cruise and his silly running in a 'Groundhog Day' style time loop, feat. Emily Blunt.


Tom Cruise's Silly Running In 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Inspires Mashup Greatness

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Here's a short and simple 'Edge Of Tomorrow' mashup that combines our love of cajoling Tom Cruise with an unexpected bit of '90s nostalgia.

warner brothers

Watch Tom Cruise Die Over And Over Again In The First Trailer For ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

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Here's the first trailer for 'Edge Of Tomorrow', in which Tom Cruise keeps reliving the last day of his life while battling aliens.


Warner Bros. Wins Comic Con By Announcing ‘Batman/Superman’ Crossover Movie

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Warner Bros. surprises with a massive Batman/Superman crossover movie announcement...

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