Rhymefest – “One Hand Push Up” Video

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Rhymefest didn't fully approve of his 3 Cig rating (nor some of the snarky commenter's remarks) but we still maintain that the album is cool, nothing major.


The Week That Was: The Secondhand Smoke Edition

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Interested in what current albums are worth listening to, buying and, conversely, those that should be avoided at all costs? Let us give you our take on a few that we managed to review this week. -- “Showin Skillz” – [...].


Rhymefest Feat. Little Brother – “How High” x “Say Wassup”

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El Che, Chi-town wordsmith Rhymefest’s sophomore album, has been an album yours truly has been looking forward to since his freshman set Blue Collar overtook my iTunes playlists back in 2006.


Rhymefest – “Chicago” Video

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Presumably the first single off El Che, Rhymefest drops enough punchlines & barbs @ others (guess who.


Rhymefest – Stolen

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El Che is on the way.


Rhymefest Feat. Wale – “Ain’t Heard It Fom Me”

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"I'm the God MC, call me 80 gig pig, you can fill an iPod with me (yeahhh.

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