obama's victory speech

The Only Thing Missing From Obama’s Victory Speech Was A Mic Drop

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Wow. Just wow. That was...quite a victory speech by Barack Obama. Here it is, in case you missed it.


You Might Get Arrested If You Post A Photo Of Your Presidential Ballot Online

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Did you post a photo of your presidential ballot to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram today? Well you might go to jail!


Fox News Totally Obsessed With Lone Black Guy Standing Outside Of A Philly Voting Station

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I'll say this for Fox News: they're always on message and rarely unpredictable. Cue nonstop coverage of "New Black Panthers" trying to "intimidate" voters.

the replacements

What 8 ‘Election Day’ Songs Say About Today


A collection of songs that mention "Election Day," including tracks from 2 Live Crew and the Replacements, and the messages implied in the lyrics.


25 Funny Political Signs The World Needs Today

By | 5 Comments

These 25 funny political signs come from political backers, protesters, and street artists who have important messages for us in these important times.


FYI, Election Day Freakout 2012 Is In Full Swing On The Internet

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In the future, remind me to take presidential election day off so I can stay away from the internet and not be subjected to the hysteria currently circulating everywhere on both sides over voting irregularities.


Stephen Colbert Explains How You May Get Shamed Into Voting Today


Guess what I did this morning? I voted! Did you? No?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!?! (See, I just totally voter shamed you!)

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