Six Actors You May Have Forgotten Were In ‘Back To The Future Part II’

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Some of the actors that made their debuts in 'Back To The Future Part II' may surprise you.

The Hobbit

Air New Zealand Is Back With Another Awesomely Dorky Hobbit Safety Video

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Once again, Air New Zealand welcomes you to the dorkiest place on Earth.


Elijah Wood Kept ‘Bear’ And The Gatorade Bong From The Set Of ‘Wilfred’

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With the series set to end in two weeks, Elijah Wood admitted that he helped himself to two souvenirs from the set of 'Wilfred.'


Conan Fondly Remembers The Time He Spooned With Elijah Wood


Conan looks by fondly at the time Elijah Wood let him into his home and spooned with him in bed.

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Elijah Wood Will Be Starring In Tim Schafer’s ‘Broken Age’

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'Broken Age' may be behind schedule and over-budget, but it has snagged Elijah Wood as it's star..


‘W(TF)ilfred’ Recap: ‘Perspective’

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A recap of last night's very good episode of FX's "Wilfred," "Perspective," with special guest star Lance Reddick.


‘W(TF)ilfred’ Recap: ‘Delusion’

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A recap of last night's new episode of "Wilfred," "Delusion."


‘W(TF)ilfred’ Recap: ‘Shame’

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A recap of last night's new "Wilfred," "Shame," on FX.


'W(TF)ilfred' Recap: 'Suspicion'/'Sincerity'

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A recap of last night's double bill of "Wilfred," "Suspicion" and "Sincerity."


'W(TF)ilfred' Recap: 'Uncertainty'/'Comfort'

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A review of the first two episodes of "Wilfred" season three, "Uncertainty" and "Comfort."


Get Those Hobbit Holes Ready For The First Video Blog From ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug’


The first video blog from 'The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug' tells us about Hobbit tourist attractions and the awesomeness of New Zealand.

Until The Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus & Elijah Wood Made A Video For “Tiny Tortures”

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Perhaps Elijah Wood's a Flying Lotus fan because he stars in the new music video for Until The Quiet Comes' "Tiny Tortunes.


Hobbit's Be Shoppin': New Pictures From 'The Hobbit'


Peter Jackson released an excellent Comic-Con poster and a huge scroll poster covering ten scenes from 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'.


'The Hobbit' Will Also Have A Dwarf/Elf Romance Subplot

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Evangeline Lilly (above) is playing a Woodland Elf named Tauriel in The Hobbit, a character created by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens for these two Hobbit movies.


Elijah Wood starring in a version of Speed where the bus is a piano

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I saw this story about Elijah Wood joining a Spanish film called Grand Piano in my news feed a bunch of times without reading it because it sounded boring, but now I'm kicking myself for not clicking through to the subheadline.


‘Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie’ enrages half the audience, delights the rest

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As we’ve previously learned about Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim play directors who are tasked with creating a billion dollar movie and of course they screw it up.


Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones comedy finds distributor

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Celeste and Jesse Forever, a rom-dramedy (I'm sorry) starring Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, has been picked up by Sony Pictures classic.


Benedict Cumberbatch Drops A Hobbit Spoiler. It Must Have Been Heavy.


Dainty, posh Englishman Benedict Cumberbatch -- Is it redundant to refer to someone named "Benedict Cumberbatch" as dainty, posh, and English.


Peter Jackson Has A Christmas Gift For Us All


Peter Jackson has released (via his Facebook page) the fifth production video from the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (trailer here).

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