Even ESPN Is Taking Shots At Diddy And Drake For Their Fight

By | 20 Comments

ESPN makes fun of Diddy and Drake over their reported fight.

Kate Middleton

Keith Olbermann Calls Royal Etiquette Expert The World’s Worst Person And He’s Not Wrong

By | 57 Comments

Keith Olbermann slices and dices a Royal etiquette expert who had strong words for LeBron's treatment of Kate Middleton.


ESPN’s SportsCenter Got Duped By A Fake Twitter Account And It Was Quite Amusing

By | 2 Comments

Sportscenter got duped by a fake Ken Rosenthal account. Here's what it looked like.


Samuel L. Jackson Went On A Twitter Rant For The Ages While Watching ‘Monday Night Football’

By | 20 Comments

Samuel L. Jackson went OFF on ESPN's Jon Gruden last night, calling him out for being a Aaron Rodgers slappie.

bill simmons

Bill Simmons Cut Away To Music When The Topic Of Ray Rice Came Up On His Podcast

By | 11 Comments

Here's how Bill Simmons deal with the topic of Ray Rice on his most recent podcast.


ESPN’s Mike Golic Showed The World His Butt And He Should Apologize Right Now

By | 5 Comments

Did you wake up this morning hoping to see Mike Golic's butt? Well you're in luck.

30 FOR 30

ESPN Has Announced A New 30 For 30 Titled ‘I Hate Christian Laettner’

By | 24 Comments

I Christian Laettner the most hated 'Dukie' of all-time? ESPN's 30 for 30 investigates.


ESPN Has A Comeback For Daniel Tosh’s Plagiarism Accusations

By | 40 Comments

ESPN is finally responding to those plagiarism accusations.


Watch Daniel Tosh Get Sweet Revenge On ESPN For Stealing His ‘Web Redemption’ Segment

By | 30 Comments

ESPN took Tosh.0's web redemption idea and Daniel Tosh is super pissed about that.


Bill Simmons Ran Into CM Punk At A Kings Game

By | 24 Comments

Sports guy Bill Simmons ran into the former Best in the World at a hockey game and snapped a mark photo.

bill simmons

Bill Simmons Went On Another Spectacular Twitter Rant, Calling Out ESPN And ‘Mike And Mike’

By | 54 Comments

Bill Simmons destroyed Mike and Mike on Twitter and ESPN may have to step in soon.


Artie Lange Has Been Pulled From Thursday’s @midnight For His ESPN Slave Joke On Twitter

By | 25 Comments

Artie Lange was set to be on Comedy Central's @midnight this Thursday, but he's now been removed due to his recent Twitter controversy.


What The Hell Is Wrong With Artie Lange And Why Did He Make A Slave Joke About An ESPN Reporter?

By | 59 Comments

Artie Lange made some really weird jokes about Cari Champion, a black reporter for ESPN. What are your thoughts?


Did An ESPN Reporter Fabricate A Story About Robert Griffin III?

By | 12 Comments

It appears Britt McHenry misunderstood a situation in the Redskins locker room and now she's being called out for it.

ESPN College GameDay

‘I’m Too Drunk To Taste This Chicken': The Wild And Wacky From West Virginia’s College GameDay

By | 2 Comments

A Lee Corso wardrobe malfunction and some excellent GameDay signs highlighted this week's wackiness froM College GameDay.

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