Sports On TV: 15 More Great Sports Moments From Saved By The Bell


The very first show featured in our Sports On TV column was 'Saved By The Bell,' and with good reason.


The Butt Scoot

Get buns of steel with this revolutionary technique.

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And Now, A Guy Trying To Kill Himself At The Gym


This clip has been making the rounds over the past few days, and I didn't want to be the last person in your sports blogging world to say, "hey, check out this guy using a weight bench to swim and/or tear every muscle in his body.


Chicken Exercising? Chicken Exercising. Because ART.

Meet Mamika and Bob, subjects of photographer/conceptual artist Sacha Goldberger, as seen on Faith Is Torment.

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Sports On TV: Arrested Development's 15 Greatest Sports Moments


And now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together (and sometimes watch them play softball).


Monkey Workout? Monkey Workout.

The video description: Monkey dose exercise for tourists.


This Coin Is Doing More To Stay In Shape Than You Are

A guy putting a coin on a treadmill and filming it for an hour (.


People vs. Fitness

The best (most painful) clips of people hurting themselves while working out, all in one video.


Nance Bodean’s Guide to Power Walking

Do you want to get into shape but are afraid of exercise.


Training Montage Montage

An inspirational supercut of cinematic training montages.

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My New Favorite Thing: No Surprise Exercise


Remember when Gangnam Style was something we could enjoy, before your mom and dad found out about it and the NFL on Fox mummies started Gangnam Style dancing as a "fun gag.


The Most One-Finger Pushups in 30 Seconds

Xie Guizhong sets a new Guinness World Record with 41 one-finger pushups in 30 seconds -- shattering the previous mark of 25.


Cats On Treadmills? Cats On Treadmills


Because the Internet is kinda-sorta made for videos of cats on treadmills, here's an ULTIMATE SUPERCUT~ of cats on treadmills.


Cats on Treadmills

The best clips of cats walking on treadmills, all in one video.


Good Morning! Here’s A Workout Fail Compilation, Because Health Is The Worst


Thanksgiving weekend is officially over, so now it's time to get in the gym and work off all the gross shit you ate.


Sports On TV: Glee’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments


I've prepared separate intro blurbs, depending on who you are.


Solving a Rubik’s Cube While Doing One-Handed Pushups

One man does two things most people can't do -- and he does them at the same time.

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