Rapid Ric Ft. Doughbeezy, Paul Wall, Fiend & Mookie Jones – “Get Loaded”


Listen as some of the South's most underrated spitters "Get Loaded."

The Stoned Immaculate

Curren$y Feat. Fiend – “Legal Crack” x “Off Dat”

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“Legal Crack” is like Jet Life meets the Murder Was The Case soundtrack.

The Stoned Immaculate

Curren$y Feat. Daz – “Fast Cars, Faster Women”

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As if today's tokers holiday would be complete without new material from <a href="">Curren$y</a>.


Scotty Feat. REi & Fiend – “Wrekunii”


Just in time for some unseasonably warm weather’s arrival on the east coast, ATL’s own <a href="">Scotty</a> arrives with the perfect addition to a spring day.


Fiend – “Aqua Flow”

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<a href="">Fiend’s</a> been known to make a few laid-back songs.

We Got Now

Billie Slum Feat. Freddie Gibbs & Fiend – “Be About It”


You can only get so far "talking the talk.

Smoking Champagne

Fiend Feat. Smoke DZA – “Take A Pull” Video

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<a href="">Fiend</a> embodies that old, famous No Limit work ethic, putting out new tracks and videos with an almost feverish intensity.


Laelo Feat. Fiend – “Marijuana & Mimosas”

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Traditionally, every Christmas, my parents serve mimosas to kick off the holiday morning.

Weekend At Burnie's

Fiend – Cool Is In Session Mixtape

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Somehow, someway, Cool Is In Session is the fourth tape <a href="">Fiend's</a> managed to put out this year.


Fiend Feat. LaTangela Fay – “The Amazing Race”

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<a href="">Fiend’s</a> known to play it cool, lay back and spit sleepy-eyed, smoke-filled raps.


Fiend – “Across The Atlantic” Video

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Fiend, or International Jones if you want, doesn’t care about rest.

Smoke DZA

Fiend Feat. Big Sant & Smoke DZA – “Type Of Cat” Video

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<a href="">Fiend</a>, like his brother in the Jet Life Curren$y, never seems to stop dropping music.


Strong Arm Steady Feat. Fiend – “Made In America”

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<a href=""> If you thought Mr. Exotic Prophet a.k.a. Sleepy Eye Jones b.k.a. Fiend was going to slide through Cali without laying down a few ill rhymes and taking a few pulls of the chronic, you must have hit before he got a chance to. Below is the end result of his escapade which also incorporated the <a href="">Strong Arm Steady gang</a>, a fire-ass track from The Futuristiks and a real life smoking session without the help of TSS.

The Alchemist

Curren$y x Alchemist – Covert Coup EP

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<a href=""> Every rapping pothead plans to drop an "exclusive" on 4.20 but Spitta Andretti's one of the best known for firing up the dope and Covert Coup will most likely be the only release of substance today. Complete with production duties handled by Alchemist and a handful of features, it's free so "spend the bucks on buds" <a href="">as advised</a> and leave stoner music to the man who knows it best.

Tennis Shoes & Tuxedos

Fiend Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA – “We Whats Happenin'”

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<a href=""> International Jones, otherwise known as Fiend, dropped his Tennis Shoes & Tuxedos mixtape today (grab it <a href="">here</a>).

Trademark Da Skydiver

Fiend Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & Corner Boy P – “Coupe Conversing”

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<a href=""> New Fiend, coming from his upcoming Tennis Shoes & Tuxedos mixtape. Fiend Feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & Corner Boy P – "Coupe Conversing" <a href="">[TNT]</a>.

Pilot Talk

Curren$y Feat. Fiend – “Flying Iron”

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<a href=""> We all know how awesome Curren$y is. That's been established. But holy moly on an ice cream sammich that woadie Fiend is back! Anyone that followed No Limit closely knows that <a href="">Fiend</a> - along with Mia X - was one of the lyrical workhorses of the clique.

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