Big Sean – “Hometown” Video

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<a href=""> Big Sean is finally famous, finally <a href="">coming out</a> (none) and he's finally home to reap the benefits of being a local celebrity gone major.


Big Sean – Finally Famous Vol. 3 (No DJ Version)

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<a href=""> "Isn't he Kanye's guy from that one Mike Posner song?" It might be a little premature to qualify Big Sean as "finally famous." Sure, he's beloved within the tight-knit Hip-Hop community, yet ask any casual music listener who Sean is and you'll probably get a lot of blank stares. But, his fortune is changing. After five months and a handful of G.O.O.D. Friday guest appearances, Big Sean anoints the new year with a re-released, tagless version of <a href="">one of 2010's best</a>, Finally Famous Vol.


Clinton Sparks Feat. Mike Posner & Big Sean – “Ambiguous Girl” Video

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<a href=""> My better half and I share a relationship I cherish more than anything else in this world. Like Loso says, my personal small waist with a pretty face makes me better on the daily and has for damn near a decade. That said, I'm pretty sure my days in dealing with the ambiguous girls <a href="">Clinton Sparks</a>, <a href="">Big Sean</a> and <a href="">Mikey Posner</a> are referring to in the latest visual from <a href="">Finally Famous Vol. 3</a> are gone for good.


Big Sean – “Final Hour” Video

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<a href=""> Who knows where <a href="">Finally Famous 3</a> will eventually land on the list of 2010's best mixtapes.


Big Sean – “Living Our Dreams (Memories)” Video

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<a href=""> The materialistic yammerings of Big Sean are what generally rise to the surface but there is a pretty earnest individual inside that gianormous cranium of his. It's a well known fact--or should be--that every rapper you see graced across the blogosphere wants to do this music hustle for a full-time, 9-to-5 but economic setbacks generally usher reality to the front welcome mat without wiping its feets. "F*ck yo couch" is what it probably says, yet Sean knows his destiny and fortune are products of hard work and he doesn't take it for granted. Big Sean is all G.O.O.D. in the house of TSS. <a href="">Finally Famous 3</a> is still signing autographs on your computer's desktop as well.


Big Sean x Don Cannon – Finally Famous Vol. 3

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<a href=""> Finally. The word best describes the universal feeling surrounding <a href="">Big Sean's</a> latest project.

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