This Hero Teen Sacrificed His Own Life Trying To Prevent A Friend From Drunk Driving

By | 22 Comments

This is a really sad story. We lost one of the good ones, it sounds like.

insane clown posse

A Florida City Is Really Nervous About An Upcoming Insane Clown Posse Show

By | 12 Comments

Now that Juggalos are a 'gang,' a Florida city's lawmakers are nervous about what they assume comes with an Insane Clown Posse show.


A 7-Year Old Florida Boy Told On His Mom For Having A Meth Lab In Her Trunk

By | 3 Comments

A Florida woman was arrested after her 7-year old son told her landlord about the bag of meth-cooking equipment in her trunk.


If You Murder Someone, Don’t Ask Siri Where To Hide The Body

By | 11 Comments

Murder is bad. Murder then asking Siri where to hide the body is dumb.


A Nine-Year-Old Florida Boy Fought A 500-Pound Alligator…And Won

By | 5 Comments

You're not a Florida resident until you've fought your first alligator.

dinesh d souza

Florida Lawmaker Wants To Force Kids To Watch Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’

By | 85 Comments

A lawmaker in Florida hates political correctness, so he wants schoolchildren to be forced to watch a film directed by a convicted felon.


This Florida Couple Took Their Time Having Sex On A Beach Before Getting Arrested

By | 32 Comments

If you're going to have sex on a beach, don't take 25 minutes to do It. Actually, don't do It at all.


Randy Orton Got Pulled Over FROM OUTTA NOWHERE By The Florida State Highway Patrol Today

By | 44 Comments

WWE'S Randy Orton was pulled over by police today and the reason why will shock you. (It's actually a pretty boring reason.)


Florida Man Leaves Naked Wife On Nudist Beach Sandbar Because She Caught Him Blowing A Dude

By | 18 Comments

There are so many Florida things about this story, we don't even know where to start.


An Orlando, Florida TSA Agent Didn’t Know What The District of Columbia Was

By | 10 Comments

We wish we could say that we were more surprised that a TSA agent out of Florida didn't know what the District of Columbia was.


Another Family Had To Call 911 On Their Cat After It Trapped Them In The Bedroom

By | 11 Comments

This time it was a couple in Florida who were terrorized by their housecat.


The Newest Real ‘F*ck Her Right in the P*ssy’ Prank Comes From, Of Course, Florida

By | 13 Comments

There have been of hoax videos of guys saying "F*ck her right in the p*ssy" during live news broadcasts, but now the meme is made real.


A Baby Dolphin Being Rescued Off The Coast Of Florida Is The Most Non-Florida Story Ever

By | 2 Comments

A baby dolphin was rescued on a beach in Florida. Yeah, that Florida.

#dumb criminals

Meet The Real Life Goldilocks Who Resides In Florida Because Of Course She Does

By | 8 Comments

Real life Goldilocks has been found by the internet, and better yet -- she's from Florida!


Watch This Extremely High Florida Woman Pull A Houdini To Eat A Whole Bag Of Weed

By | 6 Comments

After she was arrested on charges of DUI and drug possession, a Florida woman escaped her cuffs so she could eat her bag of marijuana.


A Former Porn Star Is Running For A Seat On The Palm Beach County School Board

By | 20 Comments

Retired porn star David Mech is running for a seat on the Palm Beach County School Board, but people are obviously upset about his past.


Four Armed Men Broke Into A Florida Man’s Home And 911 Sent Him To Voicemail

By | 6 Comments

A Florida man was forced to take matters into his own hands by shooting an intruder when a 911 dispatcher sent him to voicemail.

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