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Florida Man Attempts To Burn Down Apartment Building As Revenge For Building Management’s Strict Masturbation Rules

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Florida man attempts to burn down apartment building as revenge for building management asking him not to masturbate in front of the window.

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If You Don’t Live In Southwest Florida, You Missed This Super Bowl Commercial Marriage Proposal

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The guys at Diamond District in Cape Coral, Florida used their local Super Bowl ad to help a man propose to his girlfriend.


After Blackfish Backlash, Alan Jackson And Kid Rock Step In To Save SeaWorld’s BBQ Festival

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While other music artists and bands have withdrawn from SeaWorld's music festival in Orlando because of 'Blackfish,' Kid Rock and Alan Jackson will play.

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Meet Jaden Newman, The 9-Year Old Girl Who Can Whoop Your Butt In Basketball

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Following in her brother Julian's footsteps, 9-year old Jaden Newman is becoming a star on the basketball court and the Internet.

Meet The Florida Man Who Desperately Wants To Show His Sex Tapes To The Jury In His Mail Fraud Case

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A Florida man representing himself in a multimillion dollar mail fraud case wants to force the jury to watch him have sex.

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A Florida Teen Has Been Kicked Out Of School For Doing Gay Porn To Support His Struggling Family

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"He's the most awesome person in the world," Robert Marucci's mom said about the lengths her son was willing to go to to help her. His high school principal disagrees.


Meet The Florida Cop Who Figured Out How To Turn 911 Into His Own Personal Booty Call Service

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Florida. FLORIDA. The only state capable of one-upping "life imitates art" months before True Detective even started airing on HBO.


Follow-Up: The Man Who Killed Another Man For Texting During A Movie Was A Former Police Captain

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Curtis Reeves, who shot Chad Oulson for texting during previews of Lone Survivor in Florida, was a retired police captain and director of security for Busch Gardens.


Two Shot, One Killed For Texting During A Screening Of ‘Lone Survivor’ In Florida

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Two shot, one killed for texting during a screening of Lone Survivor in Florida.


You’ll Never Guess What This ‘Breaking Bad’ Contest Winner Was Arrested For

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A Florida man who won a 'Breaking Bad' contest in September was arrested after it was discovered he really, really related to Walter White.


600-Person Brawl Erupts Outside Florida Theater Christmas Day

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A 600-person brawl erupted outside a Florida theater that was showing Anchorman 2 and A Madea Christmas.


A Florida Man Was Busted With $1 Million Worth Of Meth And A Walter White Doll

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After federal agents discovered $1 million worth a meth in a Florida man's home, a Walter White doll was also found in his truck.


Is Someone Really Going To Pay $110,000 For George Zimmerman’s Painting?

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With three days left on the eBay auction, bidding for George Zimmerman's first piece of art is already up to more than $110,000.


A Florida Wal-Mart Employee Shot Up A Co-Worker’s Car Over The ‘Employee Of The Month’ Award

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A Florida man is accused of shooting the window of his co-worker's car because he was jealous that she won the Wal-Mart Employee of the Month honor.

BEST OF 2013

2013′s Most Memorable Local News Moments Are A Great Reason To Look Forward To Local News In 2014

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This could have been a list entirely dominated by Florida news, but then we'd have to exclude the Kabooyow lady.


The Florida Capitol Will Soon Feature A Festivus Pole With Pabst Blue Ribbon Cans

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After a nativity scene was approved for the Florida capitol building, an atheist was given permission to add a Festivus pole in protest.


So That Accidental Sex Scene A Florida Theater Saw Instead Of Frozen? It Was Probably Dallas Buyers Club.

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That accidental sex clip that played during a Florida screening of Frozen was probably Dallas Buyers Club, not Nymphomaniac.


A Florida State Fan Tried To Fight Florida Gators Fans With A Machete

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After Florida State defeated Florida on Saturday, an FSU fan at a Gators bar tried to fight some patrons and the manager with a machete.


Did That Frozen Audience “Accidentally” See Nymphomaniac Instead? The Mystery Deepens.

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A supposed witness at the screening of Frozen that saw a graphic sex scene instead of the film says the audience saw the extended red-band trailer for Nymphomaniac instead.

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