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BEST OF 2013

2013′s Most Memorable Local News Moments Are A Great Reason To Look Forward To Local News In 2014

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This could have been a list entirely dominated by Florida news, but then we'd have to exclude the Kabooyow lady.


The Florida Capitol Will Soon Feature A Festivus Pole With Pabst Blue Ribbon Cans

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After a nativity scene was approved for the Florida capitol building, an atheist was given permission to add a Festivus pole in protest.


So That Accidental Sex Scene A Florida Theater Saw Instead Of Frozen? It Was Probably Dallas Buyers Club.

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That accidental sex clip that played during a Florida screening of Frozen was probably Dallas Buyers Club, not Nymphomaniac.


A Florida State Fan Tried To Fight Florida Gators Fans With A Machete

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After Florida State defeated Florida on Saturday, an FSU fan at a Gators bar tried to fight some patrons and the manager with a machete.


Did That Frozen Audience “Accidentally” See Nymphomaniac Instead? The Mystery Deepens.

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A supposed witness at the screening of Frozen that saw a graphic sex scene instead of the film says the audience saw the extended red-band trailer for Nymphomaniac instead.


A Florida Theater Accidentally Showed A ‘Graphic Sex Scene’ Instead Of ‘Frozen’

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Parents who took their kids to see 'Frozen' at a Florida movie theater received a nasty surprise when a graphic sex scene started playing instead.


Meet The Florida Woman Who Married Her Longtime Love… A Ferris Wheel Named Bruce

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On the latest edition of Logo TV's 'WHAT!?' documentary series, a Florida woman renewed her wedding vows with a ferris wheel named Bruce.


A Grumpy Old Man In Florida Is Spray Painting ‘NO KIDS’ On Cars

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They're grumpy. They're old. They're spray painting cars in Florida.

dunkin donuts

FLORIDA FRIDAY: Man caught impersonating a police officer to get a Dunkin Donuts discount

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Florida Friday: Florida man caught impersonating a police officer to get a Dunkin Donuts discount.


A 17-year-old killed his dad over a Megan Fox joke

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A 17-year-old with Asperger's killed his father with a shotgun after the father made a joke about Megan Fox, according to prosecutors.


Spike Lee is getting sued by that couple whose address he retweeted thinking it was George Zimmerman’s

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Spike Lee sued by the couple whose address he retweeted mistakenly thinking it belonged to George Zimmerman. Now they want $15 grand, in addition to an earlier settlement.


Ryan Lochte Hurt His Knee In The Most Ryan Lochte Way Possible


Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte injured his knee during a trip to Gainesville, FL, last weekend, and the injury occured in the most Ryan Lochte way ever.


A Florida Town Is Being Terrorized By Angry Chickens And The Local News Report Is Perfect

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Fort Myers’s local Fox affiliate has the important news report and it is perfect.


Florida Friday: Police find gator in drug dealer’s hot tub, dealer: “He was there when I moved in.”

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I'm sure "gator in the tub" is some sort of Florida slang, perhaps swamp talk for having a "bee in your bonnet," or "sharpest tool in the shed," but last week it was also literal for a drug dealer in Treasure Coast, Florida.


So, Things Are Going Well For Chris Duhon

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Former NBA guard Chris Duhon was intentionally struck with a car after a dispute in an Orlando parking garage, say police reports.


Florida’s Stunt Fest Will Entertain You Slash Make You Feel Super Inadequate

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Florida's Stunt Fest, a gathering of cheerleaders and way-too-intense gymnasts, will entertain you and make you feel like a fat, uncoordinated POS.


Michael Rapaport Is Joining ‘Justified’ As The Gator-Farm-Owning Patriarch Of The Crowe Family

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Michael Rapaport is joining "Justified" as the patriarch of the Crowe family, an ex-con from Florida who owns a gator farm.


Florida Couple Arrested For Stealing A Copy Of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ From A Mentally Disabled Man

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A mentally disabled man was beaten and robbed for a copy of 'Grand Theft Auto V.' GUESS WHICH STATE?!


John Fogerty Performed With Mumford & Sons And The Vaccines As His Backup Bands Saturday Night

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After fun. backed out of the Gentlemen of the Road show in St. Augustine due to illness, John Fogerty played a set with Mumford & Sons.

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