Try To Guess Which State The 'Dirtiest Town In America' Is In

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Why wouldn't America's most corrupt town be located in the country's wang?


A Brief Lesson In How To Hit Skydivers With Your Plane, Brought To Us By Florida

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During a routine takeoff and landing procedure, a Florida pilot accidentally hit a skydiver's parachute with his Cessna.

What's For Dinner?

In Typical Florida News, A Family Is Sent To The Hospital After Eating Meat Laced With LSD

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Florida is always full of surprises, like the one this family encountered when they ingested steak laced with LSD.

death row

Meet The Man Who Has Witnessed Every Florida Execution For The Last 25 Years

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John Koch, a local radio personality, has been witnessing every Florida Death Row execution over the past twenty-five years. And ladies, good news! I hear he's single, too.


The Florida Woman Known As The ‘Attractive Convict’ Is Suing Over Invasion Of Privacy

By | 18 Comments

The Florida woman who rose to meme legend as the 'Attractive Convict' is fed up with websites using her mugshot for profit.

late night

Seth Meyers Launched A New ‘Fake Or Florida?’ Game Show Last Night And It’s As Delightful As It Sounds

By | 28 Comments

If you've ever ventured down the rabbit hole that is our Florida tag then Seth Meyers's new Late Night game show is for you.


A 101-Year Old Man Is Running For Office In Florida For The Best Reason Ever

By | 11 Comments

101-year old Joe Newman is running for Congress in Florida because he is worried about the future of the country.


A Florida Man Stole $342 Worth Of Cat Food From Wal-Mart Because, Well, Florida!

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Which raises the very important question: Why would anyone need $342 worth of cat food?

Florida Man Attempts To Burn Down Apartment Building As Revenge For Building Management’s Strict Masturbation Rules

By | 32 Comments

Florida man attempts to burn down apartment building as revenge for building management asking him not to masturbate in front of the window.

local advertising

If You Don’t Live In Southwest Florida, You Missed This Super Bowl Commercial Marriage Proposal

By | 7 Comments

The guys at Diamond District in Cape Coral, Florida used their local Super Bowl ad to help a man propose to his girlfriend.


After Blackfish Backlash, Alan Jackson And Kid Rock Step In To Save SeaWorld’s BBQ Festival

By | 25 Comments

While other music artists and bands have withdrawn from SeaWorld's music festival in Orlando because of 'Blackfish,' Kid Rock and Alan Jackson will play.

child prodigies

Meet Jaden Newman, The 9-Year Old Girl Who Can Whoop Your Butt In Basketball

By | 6 Comments

Following in her brother Julian's footsteps, 9-year old Jaden Newman is becoming a star on the basketball court and the Internet.

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