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Watch Florence Welch Melt Hearts Covering ‘Times Like These’ In Honor Of Dave Grohl


Watch Florence Welch melt hearts covering "Times Like These" in honor of Dave Grohl.

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You Can Sign Dave Grohl’s Cast Via Twitter

The website Sign Dave's Cast wants fans to send their well-wishes to put on a cast for the Foo Fighters frontman.

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Dave Grohl Writes That Foo Fighters Will Have To Cancel Shows On Account Of His Broken Leg


While his broken leg led to one of the more awesome rock star moments of 2015, Dave Grohl's injury means Foo Fighters are canceling shows.

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A Brief History Of 15 Times Dave Grohl Proved To Be The Coolest


The man recently finished a show after breaking his leg, but that's just the latest in a long line of awesome Dave Grohl moments.

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Foo Fighters Tweeted Dave Grohl’s Broken Leg X-Ray, And It’s Just As Nasty As You’d Imagine


Foo Fighters have posted an image of Dave Grohl's x-ray showing the severity of his broken leg. Definitely some pain involved.


Nice Guy Dave Grohl Makes Another Young Fan’s Dreams Come True By Bringing Him On Stage

When it comes to fans, no one treats them better than Dave Grohl.


Slap Da Bass Along With These Essential YouTube Covers Of Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’


Our favorite re-imaginations of Rush's 1981 rock anthem "Tom Sawyer," featuring child prodigies, drumming puppets, Foo Fighters, and more.

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Dave Grohl Makes A Young Fan’s Dreams Come True By Bringing Him Onstage To Sing ‘Times Like These’

Dave Grohl makes an 8-year-old boy's day, as he brings the kid and his family onstage to help sing 'Times Like These.'

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Dave Grohl Says He’s Obsessed With Taylor Swift, Which, Like, Join The Club


Dave Grohl paid a special tribute to pop music's current queen.

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After Three Decades, David Letterman Said Goodbye With A Star Studded Finale Of ‘The Late Show’

Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld were just a few of the many stars who appeared to give Letterman a proper sendoff.

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Foo Fighters And David Letterman Have Had A Bromance Going For A Long Time Now


It was only fitting that Dave Grohl and company sent David Letterman off. Here's why.

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Watch Foo Fighters Send Off David Letterman In Classic Fashion With ‘Everlong’


Foo Fighters returned once again to help close out David Letterman's career with his favorite song and a look back at television history.

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We Fell Down A Rabbit Hole Of Great David Letterman Musical Performances


They may not be the most iconic, but they're the ones we enjoyed the most.


Ranking The 20 Artists Who’ve Had The Best Second Acts In Music History


In honor of Darius Rucker's birthday, we rank other musicians who've been able to achieve success more than once

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