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10 Rare Dave Grohl Songs Everyone Should Hear


Dave Grohl is more than the Foo Fighters and Nirvana. He's also Dain Bamage.

dave grohl

The Foo Fighters Played A Secret Show In A Pizzeria

By | 5 Comments

The Foo Fighters and pizza, two great tastes together at last.

foo fighters

10 Delightful Dave Grohl Facts To Remind You Dave Grohl Is The King Of Cool Rock Stars

By | 18 Comments

All hail Dave Grohl, super nice guy and king of middle-aged rock stars.


Foo Fighters Made A Commercial For Their Mexico Concerts And It Is Awesome

By | 8 Comments

After announcing their hiatus in 2012, Foo Fighters are already back with two concert dates in Mexico.


Rush Performed With Foo Fighters At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions

By | 4 Comments

Watch the Foo Fighters and Rush jam together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions.


That Time The Foo Fighters Covered Led Zeppelin In Front Of Led Zeppelin And Barack Obama

By | 6 Comments

Watch the Foo Fighters play "Rock and Roll" in front of Led Zeppelin and Barack Obama at the Kennedy Center Awards.

dave grohl

The Foo Fighters Announce Their Hiatus

By | 3 Comments

"I’m not sure when the Foo Fighters are going to play again..."

band breakups

Are The Foo Fighters Finished Fighting Foo?

By | 9 Comments

"Honestly I don't know when we're gonna do it again." Say it ain't so, Foo.

Watch Amy Poehler Perform 'Bad Reputation' With The Foo Fighters At Last Weekend's SNL Afterparty


This reads like UPROXX fan fiction, but it actually happened: at the SNL season finale after-party, Amy Poehler joined the Foo Fighters, playing under their 1970s cover band moniker Chevy Metal, on-stage at the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink to sing Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” a.

Arcade Fire And The Foo Fighters Will Perform With Mick Jagger On ‘SNL’


As of now, the greatest guest backing band in “SNL” history is either the E Street Band (with Bruce Springsteen) or the guys who played behind Ashlee Simpson, who I’m calling the Poor Bastards.

foo fighters

Dave Grohl Just Continues To Dominate

By | 6 Comments

In case you're just joining us, here's a newsflash: <a href="">Dave Grohl is the f-ing man</a>.


Happy Belated White Limo Day (And Links)


We almost forgot about <a href="">White Limo</a> day.

dave grohl

Foo Fighters Concert Causes Minor Earthquake Tremors In New Zealand

By | 7 Comments

A few weeks ago I went to a Foo Fighters concert in New York at Madison Square Garden and it was honestly one of the a$s-kickingest shows I've seen in a while -- I thought the roof was gonna come off the place at various points.

crazy people

Courtney Love Melts Down On Stage As Dave Grohl Continues To Dominate

By | 4 Comments

If you went to see Hole perform live in Brazil over the weekend, you got to see <a href="">Courtney Love perform topless</a>, which I suppose is like getting to see the sun rise in the East -- totally expected if you can just bring yourself to make the effort to see it.

dave grohl

Foo Fighters Play A Love Song For Westboro Baptist Church

By | 2 Comments

Recently we told you that the twisted "Christians" from Westboro Baptist Church were <a href="">planning to protest a Foo Fighters show in Kansas City</a>.


Pearl Jam And Foo Fighters Both Rocked Late Night TV Last Night


So it's possible that you've heard something about this little <a href="">Pearl Jam documentary</a> coming out later this year, right.

dave grohl

Awful Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Foo Fighters, The Band Possibly Fronted By God Himself

By | 2 Comments

Oh, <a href="">now they've really gone and done it</a>.

dave grohl

Foo Fighters Release Hilarious ‘Hot Buns’ Tour Trailer


In case you haven't heard, the Foo Fighters will be<a href=""> embarking on a tour</a> of the U.

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