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Watch A 5-Minute Trailer For The New Foo Fighters Series ‘Sonic Highways’


Debuting Friday night on HBO, 'Sonic Highways' follows Foo Fighters across America as they recorded their new album of the same name.

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Foo Fighters Will Serve As The Musical Guest For ‘The Late Show’ All Next Week

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Dave Grohl and Co. are promoting their new HBO series and album 'Sonic Highways' every night on 'The Late Show' next week.

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Jack White Went After The Foo Fighters In A ‘Kanye West-Esque Rant’

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"Because apparently, nowadays, you aren't allowed to speak to your own fans about anything, lest it be a rant."

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Today Is Officially ‘Foo Fighters Day’ In Richmond, Virginia


Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones signed an official proclamation to declare today 'Foo Fighters Day' in his city.

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Foo Fighters Are Playing Three Shows Under The Name ‘The Holy Sh*ts’

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Using the name 'The Holy Sh*ts,' Foo Fighters decided to schedule three random club shows while they're in London for the Invictus Games.

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Dave Grohl And The Foo Fighters Gave Us The Best Ice Bucket Challenge, And It’s Not Even Close

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If you're only going to watch one more Ice Bucket Challenge video, make it this one, from Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters.

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The Foo Fighters Announced A New Album Today. Here’s Our First Listen.

By | 10 Comments

The Foo Fighters announced their eighth studio album today.


Behold, The 6 Weirdest Host/Musical Guest Combinations In ‘SNL’ History

By | 29 Comments

Some 'SNL host/musical guest combos make perfect sense. Then, there's these...

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Medal Of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter Met Dave Grohl While Roaming The White House

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Kyle Carpenter was just receiving his Medal of Honor and all when Dave Grohl popped up out of nowhere. No big deal, right?


The Foo Fighters Have Agreed To Play An Unscheduled Crowdfunded Show In Virginia


Some fans in Richmond, VA organized and crowdfunded a Foo Fighters show without their knowledge, so the Foo Fighters decided to fix that.

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This Guy Passed Out And Missed His Chance To Meet Dave Grohl And John Paul Jones

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This is probably the most tame thing that could happen when you pass out around a bunch of rock stars.

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The Anatomy Of A Foo Fighters Secret Show At Preservation Hall In New Orleans

By | 2 Comments

The Foo Fighters played a secret show in New Orleans at Preservation Hall last night. We were there. This is what we saw.

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Dave Grohl And The Foo Fighters Are Getting An HBO Show Of Their Very Own

By | 14 Comments

Now we can all indulge a little more in one of our favorite people on the planet, Dave Grohl.

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10 Rare Dave Grohl Songs Everyone Should Hear

By | 2 Comments

Dave Grohl is more than the Foo Fighters and Nirvana. He's also Dain Bamage.

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The Foo Fighters Played A Secret Show In A Pizzeria

By | 5 Comments

The Foo Fighters and pizza, two great tastes together at last.

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Foo Fighters Made A Commercial For Their Mexico Concerts And It Is Awesome

By | 8 Comments

After announcing their hiatus in 2012, Foo Fighters are already back with two concert dates in Mexico.

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