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dave grohl is the man

Even When He’s Tossing Someone From A Concert, Dave Grohl Is The Man

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It's an unwritten rule of the universe that if you put a bunch of dudes together in a room, eventually the conversation will turn to how awesome Dave Grohl is.


Dreamworks CEO Wouldn’t Mind Trading Places With Farmville CEO


So the new issue of <a href="">Vanity Fair</a>, the one with the <a href=",r:26,s:0&biw=1389&bih=646">boobalicious pic of Katy Perry</a> on the cover, was finally delivered to my house yesterday (Only about 10 days late and yes I am one of those weird people who still loves to read the physical copies of big, glossy magazines).

foo fighters

Dave Grohl Is Cool

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Over the last couple months, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy has had clashes with some of the musicians who balked at the prospect of their songs beings co-opted for a high school musical and raped by the cast of the popular Fox show.

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