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Guy Fieri Gets Roasted With Another Hilariously Filthy Lip Dub

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Jaboody Dubs is back with another creatively profane Guy Fieri dub, and we have a ridiculous Vine to go with it.


In Which ‘Hannibal’ Gets Re-Cut As A Wacky Food Network Reality Show


This video gets credit for nailing the annoying reality show editing style, if nothing else.


It’s Guy Fieri’s 46th Birthday, So Let’s Look Back On Some Of Mr. Flavortown’s Douchiest Moments

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Break out the chili-lime cheese sauce and put on your best pair of Oakleys, because it's Guy Fieri's birthday, brother!


The Chopped Hate-Watch Recap: Celebrity Holiday Bash

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I continue to watch Chopped even though I hate it now and it just infuriates me. The least I can do is live-blog my breakdown.

guy fieri

Food Network Gave Guy Fieri A New Game Show Set In The ‘Flavortown Supermarket’

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PRO: This show actually sounds pretty good. CON: The thing about Guy Fieri.


Nestlé Is Giving Hot Pockets A 30th Anniversary Makeover

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Nestlé is giving Hot Pockets a new look and better ingredients to appeal to the more picky generation of foodies and moms with eyes for nutrition.


“Guy Fieri’s Grown Ups Chili” is a thing that exists

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(here's the bigger version) I don't know about you guys, but just reading the phrase "Guy Fieri's Grown Ups Chili" caused my tips to spontaneously frost themselves and my cat grew a goatee.


Paula Deen Has Been Offered A New Job In Porn

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With as many as a dozen companies cutting ties with her, Paula Deen has been offered six figures to appear in a porn video for the website, Pure Mature.


Conan's Tiger Woods / Paula Deen Mash-Up Is Hilarious Nightmare Fuel


Yesterday, two days ago Conan O'Brien had Chris Bosh on and discussed a lot of important stuff, like playing in the NBA Championships against your idol and how to avoid being decapitated by a bridge during your victory parade.


Walmart Dropped Paula Deen And Customers Are Furious Over It

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Paula Deen's fans took to Walmart's Facebook page with furious complaints after news broke that the retailer had dropped the embattled celebrity cook.


Paula Deen’s Brother Says Her Restaurants Are Doing Better Than Ever

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As Paula Deen's fans threaten to boycott the Food Network, her brother told TMZ that her restaurants are "slammed" and business is stronger than ever.

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Food Network Won't Renew Paula Deen's Contract

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Food Network just released a statement saying it will not renew Paula Deen's contract at the end of the month.

paula deen

Paula Deen Enterprises Says Paula Deen Used The N-Word Because 'She Was Born 60 Years Ago'

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In a statement released by her company, Paula Deen says she used the N-word because she's from the South and she was "born 60 years ago."

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Guy Fieri’s Restaurants Are Coming To A College Near You

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Noted douchebag chef Guy Fieri will be opening a chain of eateries on college campuses around the country. HE'S TRYING INDOCTRINATE OUR YOUTH!

guy fieri

Guy Fieri’s Personal Appearance Fee Is $100,000

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Hey, guess what. You can have celebrity chef Guy Fieri show up at your party, and it will only cost you six figures. NEAT, HUH?

guy fieri

Gordon Ramsay Made $38 Million Last Year, Is The Top Earning Chef In America

By | 18 Comments

Gordon Ramsay earned $38 million last year, and Guy Fieri earned $8 million. Everything is terrible.


Drew Magary Wants To Be A Contestant On 'Chopped'

By | 17 Comments

If there are two things I love in this world, they would be (a) watching the Food Network and (b) hijinks of all shapes and sizes.

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