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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Took Jenny McCarthy To The Woodshed For Now Claiming That She’s Not Anti-Vaccine

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Leave it to Jenny McCarthy to lead me to knod my head in agreement with Megyn Kelly.


Is Belle Knox Part Of A Growing Trend Of Porn-Curious College Girls? Fox News Asks The Tough Questions!

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Fox News asks the tough questions about Belle Knox, like "could YOUR college daughter be considering a career in porn?"

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Fox News Blonde Congratulates UConn Huskies For Being The ’2014 NAACP Champions’

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Heather Childers accidentally confused the NCAA with the NAACP when congratulating the UConn Huskies on Fox News this morning.


Belle Knox Isn't 'Super Versed' In Basketball, But She's Still Pulling For Her Blue Devils

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While her whirlwind media tour continues, Duke porn star Belle Knox has a message for college basketball fans: 'Go Blue Devils.'


Bill O'Reilly: Abe Lincoln Would Not Appear On 'Between Two Ferns' With Zach Galifianakis

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According to Bill O'Reilly, participating in a comedy video is not presidential. I'm sure you're absolutely shocked he would think this.

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Jon Stewart Spanks Fox News For Essentially Cheering For Putin And Russia To Embarrass Obama And America

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If you've watched Fox News lately, you know that Putin has balls of steel while Obama is a bowl of fat-free pudding, basically. Jon Stewart has had enough.


Fox News Incorrectly Reported That Jimmie Johnson Won The Daytona 500 And Then Things Got Really Political

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Fox News wrongly declared Jimmie Johnson the winner of the Daytona 500, and created a massive Facebook flame war after posting an apology.


FOX News Called Erin Andrews A ‘Television Performer’ (To Her Face)

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During an interview with FOX News, Erin Andrews was declared a "television performer." Also a journalist, but with a lot of head-bobbing.


Hillary Clinton Took A Shot At Fox News On Twitter During The Super Bowl


Hillary Clinton tweeted with fire whilst watching Fox's Super Bowl coverage. Hilldawg's still got it.

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‘O’Reilly Factor’ Guest: Obama Is Prepping America For The Coming Of The Anti-Christ

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Here is an actual serious discussion on Bill O'Reilly's show about Obama's role in the coming of the Anti-Christ. Fox News is the new cable access TV.


Kristen Schaal Gave Men A Scary-As-Hell Look Into Their Workplace Futures On ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

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Guys, we're pretty much looking at Bizarro Wolf of Wall Street for the rest of the century.


Colbert Grilled Gabriel Sherman Over His Book About Fox News Honcho Roger Ailes


Naturally, Stephen Colbert took issue with Gabriel Sherman over accusations that his book is "hit piece" on Ailes.

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Samantha Bee Explains The Hot Sexual Chemistry Greg Gutfeld & Dana Perino Share On Fox News’ ‘The Five’

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If you've ever watched "The Five" on Fox News, you know that Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino are totally in LOVE. Allow Samantha Bee to demonstrate that love.

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New Book Paints Fox News Mastermind Roger Ailes As An Evil, Miserable, Horny, Little Old Toad

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New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman has a new book out today on Roger Ailes, the brains behind Fox News, and boy does it paint an ugly picture.

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Jon Stewart’s Glorious Evisceration Of Anti-Weed Legalization Media Types Will Give Every Stoner A Boner

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Jon Stewart takes on the predictable Fox News fear-mongering (led by Bill O'Reilly) over legalized marijuana and we're all the better for it.


Here's The Megyn Kelly/Michael Jackson 'Black Or White' Mashup You've Been Waiting For


Tumblr GIF and Photoshop wizard Topher Chris apparently got bored over the holiday so he decided to gift us all with this wonderful mashup.

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