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Fred Davis Suggests Renaming Washington’s Team ‘The Fredskins’


The tight end was only joking about the "Fredskins" thing during a radio interview in which the subject of renaming the Redskins came up for the millionth time in the last week, but you know, after 40 minutes of shoddy Photoshop work, I think it's showing a lot of promise.

xmas ape

Fred Davis Embroiled In Super Cray Court Battle


Redskins tight end Fred Davis, who finished out last season with a four-game suspension arising from failed drug tests, has quietly landed himself in a protracted and ongoing legal stand-off with a woman who claims Davis busted her "actual lip" by throwing a flask at her after she dumped a glass of Ciroc and pineapple juice on Davis during his birthday celebration at a D.

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