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HBO Is Ending ‘Boardwalk Empire’ And Has Already Renewed ‘Girls’ For Season Four

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HBO announces that 'Boardwalk Empire' will bow out gracefully next season while 'Girls' will be sticking around for a little while longer.


Lena Dunham Confesses To Letterman About Her Unhealthy Love For Gloria Estefan

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Lena Dunham stopped by 'The Late Show' to talk 'Girls' and prove that she loves Gloria Estefan more than you.


10 Surprising Facts About Television Ratings In 2013

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A look back at the year in television ratings, including new highs for cable viewing and new lows for NBC's Thursday night comedies.


The 10 Most Most Ridiculous, Implausible Television Plot Twists Of 2013

By | 116 Comments

The ten biggest plot holes, implausible scenarios, and dumbest plot twists of the year in television.

girls season three

The ‘Girls’ Season Three Trailer You’ve All Been Waiting For Is Here

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If you liked Girls in the past, you'll probably like this. If you hated Girls in the past, you'll probably hate this.


Ladies, The Minnesota Timberwolves Know What You Want: DVDs Of The 1st Season Of ‘Girls’

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On Nov. 16, the Minnesota Timberwolves are giving away the first season of HBO's 'Girls' on DVD as part of the 'Ladies Night Out' promotion.


Sexy Halloween Costumes That Should Not Exist


Here are 16 "sexy" costumes that should never have been made.


The ‘Girls’ Porn Parody Has A Trailer Now

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Despite the fact that Lena Dunham was not pleased with the initial news, Hustler's Girls porn parody is still happening and has a trailer now.


A Writer’s Assistant On HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ Wrote Some Really Creepy Lena Dunham Fan Fiction

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The fan fiction is called 'Lena Dunham's D*ck - m4w - 26 (L train),' and you don't want to read it. Trust me.


The Ultimate Runway Model Fail Compilation


Who knew walking down a runway could be such an occupational hazard.


Sexy Motorcycle Wash Fail


A young lady's attempt to seductively wash a motorcycle doesn't go very well for her -- or the bike.


Here’s 19-Year-Old Lena Dunham’s Letter To A Sex Columnist About Still Being A Virgin

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Lena Dunham wrote to Time Out New York in 2005 about being a virgin. Here's the letter.


Girls (Season 38)


Same girls, same problems, same dreams.

clara mamet

Zosia Mamet Is Trying To Finance Her Hipster Folk Band’s Video On Kickstarter, Is Failing Miserably

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"Girls" star Zosia Mamet is asking for $32,000 to finance a music video for her hipster folk band. So far she's raised $226.

shut up lena dunham

Lena Dunham Is Totally Grossed Out That A ‘Girls’ Porn Parody Exists

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So there's a 'Girls' porn parody in the works and Len Dunham is not pleased by it. Go figure.


No Hands Car Wash


A group of enterprising young ladies wash cars.


Allison Williams Just Needs A Little Boost, Guys

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Here's a picture from the set of "Girls" of Allison Williams doing pull-ups with the help of two strapping production assistants.


Allison Williams Of 'Girls' May Storm Josh Trank's 'Fantastic Four'

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Allison Williams, co-star of HBO's 'Girls', is on the short list to star in the 'Fantastic Four' reboot from 'Chronicle' director Josh Trank.


Sexy Pool Party


Everything looks better coming out of the water.

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