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Ranking, From Worst To Not As Bad, The 10 Sitcoms NBC Has Cancelled Since The Premiere Of ‘Community’

By | 81 Comments

An appreciation for all the failed NBC sitcoms , which made it possible for 'Community' to survive as long as it has.


Dumbass Sports Reporter CONGRATULATES Matthew Perry On Cancellation Of ‘Go On’

By | 16 Comments

Congratulations Matthew Perry! You've just been fired from your job!


NBC Will Renew ‘Community,’ Has Canceled ‘Go On’

By | 78 Comments

NBC has renewed "Community" for a fifth season.


The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s NBC Comedies

By | 140 Comments

A collection of the best GIFs from Thursday's NBC comedies, including episodes of "Community," "Parks and Recreation," and "The Office."


What’s On Tonight: Season Finale Time For ‘Go On’ And ‘Archer’

By | 37 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on tonight, including the finales of "Go On" and "Archer."


The 10 Best GIFs From Last Night’s NBC Comedies

By | 88 Comments

The best GIFs from last night's new episodes of "Community," "Parks and Recreation," "The Office," and "Go On" on NBC.

donald trump

NBC Shakes Up Schedule, Basically Just Gives Up

By | 44 Comments

NBC continues not to know what the hell it's doing, orders more reality television.


Which Of These 5 TV Guest Stars Are You Most Excited About?

By | 12 Comments

Five guest stars appearing on 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Go On,' 'Modern Family,' and more.


The 3 New Shows That Have Already Been Given Full Season Pick Ups (And The 1 That Won’t)

By | 17 Comments

The Peacock ordered an additional nine episodes for three of their shows, unlike a certain Fox series, which is about to get cancelled.


The Network Ratings Winners And Losers From The First Week Of The New Season

By | 43 Comments

A look at the ratings winners and losers, and everything in between from the first week of the network television season.


What’s On Tonight: Matthew Perry’s New Sitcom, ‘Go On,’ Is Not Bad. But It’s Not Good, Either!

By | 21 Comments

An early preview of NBC's new fall sitcom, <I>Go On</i> starring Matthew Perry leads tonight's television highlights.


Ranking NBC's New Fall Shows, from Best to Worst, Based on their Preview Clips

By | 31 Comments

This week is the upfronts, in which the networks present their new schedules and preview the shows they've picked up for the fall and spring season.

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