Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 177

Greetings, Boys & Girls. It’s Monday, but as those watching coverage of the deadly blasts in Boston know, it’s not a happy one. My/our thoughts go out to all of my friends and family in Boston, but really to the whole city.
The news of the blasts broke really within seconds of us completing what inexplicably ended up being a ridiculously long podcast, apparently our longest podcast ever. 
Most/Many of our listeners will have zero interest in a nearly two-hour podcast on this day of all days, but for those looking for distraction, here it is. It’ll still be there tomorrow or Wednesday or whenever. And my apologies for my over-chipper “Happy Monday,” which sounds pretty jarring as I listen to it now.
Today’s times:
“Defiance” (00:00:50 – 00:15:10)
“Hemlock Grove” (00:15:15 – 00:31:45)
“Mary & Martha” (00:31:45 – 00:39:00)
Roger Ebert (00:39:05 – 00:50:00)
Listener Mail – Lead-Ins (00:50:15 – 00:59:35)
Listener Mail – “Game of Thrones” aging (00:59:45 – 01:07:50)
“Cougar Town” finale (01:08:00 – 01:14:55)
“Go On” finale (01:15:00 – 01:27:45)
“Mad Men” (01:27:50 – 01:52:50)

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