NBC Will Renew ‘Community,’ Has Canceled ‘Go On’

Nothing’s set in stone yet, but according to Vulture, NBC has all but officially renewed Community for season five. (UPDATE: It’s official.)

NBC is very close to ordering a fifth season of Community, Hollywood insiders tell Vulture. NBC isn’t commenting, and there’s still discussion going on about the exact number of episodes (though it should be at least thirteen). But after the show’s solid Nielsen performance last night — it tied American Idol among adults under 35 — NBC brass decided it made sense to return to Greendale for at least one more semester. (Via)

I need help reacting to this. On one hand: the more Alison, Joel, Gillian, Donald, Jim, Yvette, etc., the better. And maybe showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio will make it more of their own show next season (that’s good), and not just a pale imitation of Dan Harmon’s vision (that’s bad). Plus, no shoehorned, half-assed Chevy Chase stories. On the other, well, you saw last night’s episode. Speaking of things going on: Matthew Perry’s Go On will not go on. It has been canceled after a single season. I’ll miss you the most, #goon hashtag.

Dancing Chandler is very conflicted.


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