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Four Subtle Ways Grand Theft Auto Influenced Gaming

By | 18 Comments

'Grand Theft Auto V' will likely mark the cap in two generations of gaming influence.


Why ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Won’t Be The Best GTA Yet

By | 56 Comments

Grand Theft Auto V will probably be good, but the best GTA ever? Don't count on it...


‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Drops A New Trailer. Yes Please.

By | 9 Comments

Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for 'Grand Theft Auto V', coming September 17th to PS3 and XBox 360.

here we go again

Police Blame ‘Grand Theft Auto’ For A Tragic Shooting

By | 10 Comments

Louisiana police decide buck-passing is more important than honesty, so quick, let's blame 'Grand Theft Auto' for this shooting!

Britney Spears

Forget The Controversy, Let’s Get Excited About The Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Leak

By | 19 Comments

The Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack has leaked, possibly in full, and it is incredible. Kendrick Lamar! Eddie Murphy!


Politicians In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Are As Obnoxious As Ours

By | 5 Comments

The newest 'Grand Theft Auto V' videos are funny political ads for the two gubernatorial candidates in San Andreas.

grand theft auto v

The First Gameplay Video For ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Is Here!

By | 16 Comments

Rockstar Games just released the first gameplay video for 'Grand Theft Auto Online', the multiplayer version of 'Grand Theft Auto V'.


Whoops, Somebody Went And Got 'Max Payne 3' In Our 'Grand Theft Auto V'

By | 16 Comments

Grand Theft Auto V's combat will be fresh, and exciting and new! Well, unless you've played Max Payne 3...


The ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay Video Is Here!

By | 33 Comments

Rockstar Games released a gameplay trailer for 'Grand Theft Auto V', coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17th.


You've Got a Friend in Me (Grand Theft Auto Edition)


Woody from Toy Story lets out some frustration in the Grand Theft Auto IV universe.


‘Grand Theft Auto’ Goes Amazingly Wrong In These GIFs

By | 11 Comments

'Grand Theft Auto' is a series defined as much by its wonky physics engines and ridiculous mods as its gameplay. Like in these GIFS!


'Grand Theft Auto V' Drops Three New Trailers For The Playable Lead Characters

By | 9 Comments

Rockstar Games has released a three-in-one 'Grand Theft Auto V' trailer for the three playable lead characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.


Putting Woody From 'Toy Story' Into 'GTA IV' Is Beyond Crazy

By | 8 Comments

GTA IV is one of those games perfect for modifying to comedic effect. Now Toy Story's Woody is both a Dragonborn and a Street Fighter.


The Five Greatest Radio Ads From Grand Theft Auto

By | 7 Comments

Grand Theft Auto's radio ads are gems of satire... or grotesque comedy. Here are our five favorites.


‘Grand Theft Auto’ Horse Returns For More Surreal Hijinks

By | 4 Comments

The playable horse mod for 'Grand Theft Auto IV' returns for more trolling, thanks to the guy behind the 'Battlefield 3' trolling video series.

Dr. Mario

12 Nerdy Video Game Halloween Costumes For The Lazy

By | 2 Comments

Like video games? Need a Halloween costume? Here's some easy options...


An Elephant And A Giraffe Push It To The Limit In 'Grand Theft Auto IV'


Two more great free 'Grand Theft Auto IV' mods let you play as an elephant or a giraffe. All arguments invalid. All other mods irrelephant.


'Back to the Future GTA IV' Mod Let's You Time Travel With A DeLorean In Liberty City

By | 3 Comments

'Back to the Future GTA IV' mod let's 'Grand Theft Auto IV' players drive a time-traveling DeLorean around Liberty City. This is heavy.


'Grand Theft Auto' Horse Returns To Push It To The Limit

By | 3 Comments

The 'Grand Theft Auto IV' horse is back to get engage in horseplay and push it to the limit. This dude is earning all the achievements.


The Best Of The 'Grand Theft Auto' Cop Meme

By | 4 Comments

Did you ever laugh about how arbitrary the police procedures in Grand Theft Auto were.

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