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“Fifteen Greats In ’08” – The Most Exceptional Hip-Hop Albums Of 2008

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Generally, the bickering and babbling that coincides with ranking the year’s best LPs tend to blur the focus on the overall picture.

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The Week That Was…

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Okaaaaaaaay, we're reloaded.


“Overkill” – Review Of Joe Budden’s Halfway House

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It would be fairly convenient to undermine the sheer genius it takes to be a professional cynic, but the qualifying attribute is generally embedded into the individual's persona like it was a strand in their DNA.

Notable Quotables

Notable Quotable – Joe Budden’s “Go To Hell”

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"They say he can't come to the hood, he got ran out How's he living so good.


Joe Budden – Sidetracked

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New Regular Joe from Halfway House.


Joe Budden – “Touch & Go” Video

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The official video for his single off Halfway House, releasing on 10.

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