Ralph Fiennes Reads Harry Potter Slash Fiction


Oscar-nominee Ralph Fiennes went on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

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Daniel Radcliffe Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ For Some Reason

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Daniel Radcliffe -- aka Harry Potter, aka the sixth richest actor in Hollywood, aka Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year, aka notorious<a href=""> Broadway dancer groupie</a>, aka <a href="">alcoholic </a>-- is set to host "Saturday Night Live" on January 14th, three weeks ahead of his new movie, The Woman in Black, the movie that <a href="">will introduce pediophobia</a> to a new generation of teenagers.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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Black Cat (cosplayed by <a href="">BadLuckKitty</a>) and Canary (cosplayed by <a href="">Ardella</a>) photographed by <a href="">KrisEz</a>.


Lesser Known Comics For Film Fans


I have loved comic books since I was in the fourth grade, but even though I have been an avid fan all my adult life who gets paid to write about comics, I still am constantly finding out about cool stuff that I've missed.

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I’m Writing Morning Links Where I Make Out With Aubrey Plaza

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Links Aubrey Plaza Is a Sexy Stroke Victim - The woman who plays April Ludgate had a stroke when she was 20.


Young Urban Puppy: Geeky Dog Costumes Have Never Been Cuter


Good news for dog loving geeks, which I assume should be almost all geeks with a full heart life bar.


Harry Potter As Explained By Someone Who Has Never Seen Harry Potter


If there's one thing that the internet is good for it's downloading pornography researching information.

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Deathly Hallows Film Team To Take On Stephen King's The Stand

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Stephen King movies typically fall into two categories: "classic films that everyone should see" and "ridiculously horrible movies that make you wish it was possible to remove the last two hours of your life.


Brent Burns Makes Great Decisions

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Take a look at Brent Burns, NHL defenseman for the San Jose Sharks, pictured right.


Tom Felton Attempts To Slytherin Your Pants With Harry Potter Pick-Up Lines


When you look at the actors and actresses in the Harry Potter movies, it's hard not to wonder which of them are going to have post-Hogwarts careers.


Links With Harry Potter Memes


The 80's Sitcom Daughters Guide to Fantasy Football Wide Receivers |With Leather| Hyperbole Check: People Seem a Little Too Impressed with Mo-Cap |Film Drunk| The Best of #Tom Haverford |UPROXX| The Five Most Useless Action Movie Heroines |UPROXX| FX Renews Wlfred, Louie, & Sunny [...].


The Best Pop Culture Cinemagraphs On The Internet

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Cinemagraphs are a relatively new and arty form of animated media where only a portion of the image is actually animated.


Conan Shows Tom Felton Some Awkward Harry Potter Slash Fan Art


Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, went on Conan O'Brien's show recently.


Old Harry Potter As A Teen Comedy Re-Cut Is Suddenly New Again


I'm constantly amused and amazed by the ways things go viral on the internet.

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Ex-NOTW Employee Wore Harry Potter Costume To Work, Changed Name To Harry Potter To Appease Boss


In the wake of News Corp shutting down New Of The World over the hacking scandal, many disgruntled former employees are speaking out, detailing how poisonous to the soul it was to work there under embattled former editor Rebekah Brooks.


Emma Watson meets the guy who played her in a gay porn. Wait, what?

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According to <a href="" target="_blank">tumblrblogger</a> Justin Taylor, who first posted the photo, this is Emma Watson with gay porn actor Cameron Adams, who played a version of her Harry Potter character in one of his sodomy films.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week


May we all be blessed by His Her Noodly Appendage.

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