You’ll FLIP Over This Texas Cheerleader’s Consecutive Handsprings World Record

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Last year, 16-year-old Texas cheerleader Miranda Ferguson did 20 back-handsprings.


High School Team Runs ‘Bouquet Toss’ Trick Play


Jayden Croft of Tumwater High converts a late two-point conversion to tie the game by tossing an over-the-shoulder pass to tight end Jamie Bryant.


Congrats Tumwater High, Your Bouquet Pass Is The New Play Of The Year

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The behind-the-back flag football Hail Mary already has a challenger for objectively unimportant but amazing football play of the year.


In The Name Of Everything Holy, What Uniform Hell Hath We Wrought?

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Between Nike’s Employee of the Year Lebron James fawning over Oregon’s admittedly awesome uniforms and me declaring that the Seattle Seahawks uniforms don’t look that bad (our opinions are equal, naturally), it was really only a matter of time before a team somewhere at some level tried to emulate this new era of uni-swag and fail miserably.


Homophobic Alabama High School Students: Now Able To Spell 3-Letter Words

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In case you'd forgotten that Alabama sports fans still think "you are gay" is the best possible insult for rival teams, feast your proud, heterosexual eyes on these Spanish Fort High School students and their "Purple.


Football Hits High School Referee in Head


If you're going to overthrow your receiver by ten yards, you might as well knock a referee over.

tim tebow

Meet Jacob Rainey, High School Football’s Amputee Quarterback


Last December, Woodberry Forest School quarterback and college prospect Jacob Rainey made the news when his career was (we assumed) tragically cut short by a mishap on the playing field.


Sports On TV: King Of The Hill’s 25 Greatest Sports Moments

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Previous 'Sports On TV' columns (for 'Saved By The Bell' and 'Full House') have been fun to write but a pain to suffer through for research, because seriously, have you tried watching an 8th season episode of 'Full House' in 2012.


Shocking: High School Athletes Are Brats

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As the fan of a perennially underachieving middle tier college football team, I’ve long since accepted the pains of the reality that my school will never be at the top of any 5-star high school recruits’ lists.


Stephen King’s ‘Cowboys Stadium Golf Cart’

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What you need to know: Golf cart mows down everyone in sight after a high school football game in Cowboys Stadium on December 17, 2011 What to look out for: - A golf cart coming to life and trying to murder you a la Maximum Overdrive.

#arrested development

Hey Possible Nephew

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A few in-house links, to start - Like us on Facebook! We have a human (me) updating it now, so no more robot copy-pasta.


Despite What This Video Says, There Is A Way, Yo

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Taking the Sports-o-sphere by storm today is this video from a Connecticut high school football game between Hillhouse and North Haven.


Memes Have No Place In Sports, Bro

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One of the things we love most here at the Uproxx Fortress of Porn Solitude is free porn a good meme.


It's Hot In Texas. HOW HOT IS IT?

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Texas is in the middle of a heatwave and drought that will take us through 40-plus days of 100-degree-plus weather.


Jadeveon Clowney Just Ate Your Last Slice Of Pizza

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You may not follow the National Signing Day hype in college football, and that's fine, but you've got to see this video.


High School Girls Streaking? You Bet

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Two California high school girls were arrested at their school’s football game last Friday after they despicably, horrifically and deplorably took part in the heinous act of streaking.


That Play Was A Wicked Pissah

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A few weeks back we brought you some footage of some Arkansas high school football announcers who were excited that there “ain’t no flags”, and that was a great joy that we all shared with everyone in the Natural State.

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