Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 6

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<a href=""> Continuing on his one man mission to bring embarrassing & enlightening Hip-Hop revelations to the masses, <a href="">Skillz</a> returns slightly ahead of schedule with the latest installment <a href="">in his "Confessions" series</a>.

Young Chris

Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 5

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Back with another installment of his <a href="">quarterly series</a>, Skillz took his confessional show on the road to NYC for part five.


Video: Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 4

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Hip-Hop's <a href="">Gus Hayes</a> is back again with the latest installment of his <a href="">confessions series</a>.


Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions: The Richmond, VA Chronicles

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I was really tempted to brush off <a href="">Skillz'</a> latest installment in his <a href="">Hip-Hop Confessions series</a>.


Video: Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 2 (Part 1)

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Skillz is back with the second installment of his Hip-Hop Confessions series.


Video: Skillz Presents Hip Hop Confessions Episode 1

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Skillz scored a nice lil' vid on this one, where he sits down with Bink.

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