Busta Rhymes Feat. LL Cool J – “Killin’ Em”

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<a href=""> "Wanna impress me? Start manning up, Say something that sounds like you piss standin' up." The beat's minimal but works well since it leaves room for Busta and Uncle L do considerable damage. While both of the former "<a href="">Hit 'Em High</a>" cohorts shine, the outing's especially impressive for L because, as he rhymes, he hasn't dropped a verse in 36 months.


Dante Ross Talks The History Of Weirdo Rap

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<a href=""> No need to fear, weirdo rap's been here since forever and Dante gives an interpretative breakdown for the last installment of Hip-Hop History 101. According to Ross, "Ghostface Killah gets a all-time 'Weirdo Rap' plaque...He might have been on the only weirdo rapper in a triple X shirt." <a href="">Rebel Bible</a> via <a href="">GG</a> Related: <a href="">“Transylvania” – Review Of Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin</a>.

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