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The Chicago Blackhawks Had A Tremendous Amount of What Now?


The Chicago Blackhawks are up 1-0 on the Minnesota Wild, and they don't even care about the tremendous amount of sex they had in the regular season.


How's A Guy Supposed To Read Some News About The NHL These Days?

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As much as I like to joke about how I never watch hockey or that hockey is boring (aside from the fighting) or that even lockout-shortened seasons take too long, but I am, after all, just joking.


The Ultimate Mascot FAIL Compilation


The funniest sports mascot mishaps, all in one video.


Hockey Fans Are Making Weird Requests About The Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff Run

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The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't touched the Stanley Cup in 46 years.


The Vancouver Canucks Green Men Magic Hour, Featuring Niklas Hjalmarsson

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Niklas Hjalmarsson of the Chicago Blackhawks suffered a great indignity on Monday night.



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So yesterday, I was all, “Wow, did you guys see those baseball teams and <a href="">especially the New York Yankees</a> and <a href="">Milwaukee Brewers being so awesome</a> by playing Sweet Caroline and the Cheers theme to honor the people of Boston in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.


Taylor Hall Is A Secret Samurai, Redefines The Term ‘Slashing’

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And now, Taylor Hall turning into Yojimbo to slash Zbynek Michalek in the third period of Edmonton's 3-1 loss to the Phoenix.


You Know A Hockey Fight Is Serious When They Leave The Gloves On

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Here are Swiss Eishockey's Alain Berger and Sebastien Schilt getting into a fight and leaving the gloves ON, which I hope is the start of a great new trend in hockey.


The Best Slapshot Ever Involves No Puck And A Referee’s Face

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Here's Lithuania’s Danielius Nomanovas taking a slapshot against Great Britain in Wednesday's round robin portion of the Under-18 World Championship.


Happy April Fools Day, Don’t Believe Anything You Read On The Internet Today

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Here's Montreal Canadiens rookie Nathan Beaulieu skating a solemn lap by himself while his team stands back and chuckles at him, helpfully reminding us that you shouldn't believe anything you read, see, or someone tells you from yesterday morning until like, tomorrow evening.


Hockey Parents Continue To Be The Worst People Alive

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While it’s no secret that parents of children who play sports may be the worst people in the history of this world or any other, those involved with youth hockey have been making a considerable push as of late to secure the title of Absolute Supreme Biggest A-Holes Parents Ever.


World’s Dumbest Thief Targeted A Law Enforcement Hockey Game

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As a proud, tax-paying American who has never been arrested and occasionally makes donations to police associations (because someone once told me the sticker stops cops from pulling you over), I’m a big fan of law enforcement.


The Buffalo Sabres Fire Sale, Now With Tons Of Screaming

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-107635"></a>Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday (April 3).


Your AHL Benchfight Of The Day

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If that Team MMA concept ever gets off the ground, the Rockford IceHogs should be the first to sign up.


My New Favorite Thing: TRON Hockey

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Quick, name four random things.

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