‘Stage Fright’ Pits A Slasher Against Theater Geeks

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'Stage Fright' finally gives theater kids the slasher movie they so richly deserve.


The First ‘Penny Dreadful’ Trailer Has A Lot Of Familiar Faces


'Penny Dreadful' is practically a Bond reunion in its first trailer.


The Brilliant ‘Fear Paris’ Trailer Will Make You Fear Mimes


'Fear Paris' is an upcoming anthology film about, among other things, homicidal mimes. You heard us.


Of Course Kevin Smith Is Getting In On The Krampus Fad

By | 7 Comments

Kevin Smith's retirement continues apace with yet another movie.

2014 preview

The B-Movies Of 2014: A Gamma Squad Preview

By | 47 Comments

We all know the heavily marketed would-be hits coming... so here's a look at the b-movies of 2014, in all their glory.


Church Teens Battle A Demon From A Porno Mag In Christian Found Footage Movie


Church teens do battle with a demon released from a porno mag in a Christian found-footage movie from Holy Moly pictures.


Church Teens Battle a Demon from a Porno Mag in Christian Found Footage Movie

By | 76 Comments

Church teens do battle with a demon released from a porno mag in The Lock In, a Christian found-footage movie from Holy Moly pictures.

family entertainment

Have A Messy Christmas: The Five Greatest Christmas-Themed Horror Movies

By | 31 Comments

A lot of horror movies take place over Christmas: Here are five of the best.

George A. Romero

5 Great Episodes From ‘Tales From The Darkside’ To Prep You For The Upcoming Reboot

By | 13 Comments

The horror series "Tales From The Darkside" is being rebooted, so let's look at some of the best episodes.

CMA Awards 2013

Holy Crap What The Hell Happened To Kenny Rogers’ Face?!

By | 11 Comments

Kenny Rogers received a lifetime achievement award at the CMAs Wednesday night and looked odd in the process.


A ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake Is On The Way

By | 14 Comments

'Pet Sematary' is being remade, as Hollywood rediscovers Stephen King. Again.


Sam Raimi Will Be The Guy With The Camera On ‘Army Of Darkness 2′

By | 2 Comments

If 'Army of Darkness 2' happens, it looks like Sam Raimi will be directing it...


'Hellraiser' Is Being Remade… With Clive Barker And Doug Bradley

By | 10 Comments

But unlike most remakes, 'Hellraiser' will have Clive Barker and Doug Bradley.


Conan O'Brien Plays Horror Games In The Dark For A Halloween Edition Of Clueless Gamer

By | 5 Comments

Conan O'Brien returns for a Halloween edition of his Clueless Gamer segment on 'Conan'. This time he reviews horror games Slender, Amnesia, and Outlast.


Ranking The ‘Friday The 13th’ Movies, Just Because

By | 68 Comments

'Friday The 13th' has a long and rather sordid history. We break it down by which movies are the best.


Three Dumb Arguments Against The ‘Carrie’ Remake

By | 30 Comments

There are great arguments against remaking "Carrie." These are not those arguments.


‘HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie’ Has Characters We Can Finally Believe In

By | 6 Comments

'HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie' imagines a world where people in horror movies behave like normal human beings with a sense of self-preservation.


The Horror Anti-Masterpieces: Five Great Bad Horror Movies

By | 50 Comments

Bad horror movies can be almost as great as good ones. Here are five of our favorites.

found footage

‘Friday The 13th’ May Go All ‘Blair Witch’ On Us

By | 21 Comments

Well, it beats 'Rebecca Black In The Final Friday The 13th.' OK, we made that one up.


Harvey Weinstein Wants ‘Scream 5′ To Be The Last One

By | 13 Comments

Harvey Weinstein really, really wants 'Scream 5' to happen. No, we don't know why either.

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