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Anthony Weiner Sexting Pal Sydney Leathers Held Nothing Back In An Interview With Howard Stern

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Sydney Leathers to Howard Stern: "I think (Weiner's) a little too busy jacking off to do anything for the city."


Jerry Seinfeld To Howard Stern: ‘If I Wasn’t Angry I Would Be So Bored’

By | 17 Comments

Why Howard Stern does anything except interviews I'll never understand.


10-Year-Old Anna Christine’s Amazing ‘America’s Got Talent’ Performance


10-year-old Anna Christine blows away the audience and the judges with her voice.


Bill Hader Talked To Howard Stern About How Much Of A Douche Justin Bieber Is

By | 21 Comments

Bill Hader confirms to Howard Stern what we've known all along: Justin Bieber is awful.


Louis C.K. And Big Daddy Drew Magary On Howard Stern’s Show

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Louis C.K. and KSK co-founder Drew Magary were both on Howard Stern's show yesterday. We finally found audio.

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Howard Stern May Become The New Jimmy Fallon If Fallon Becomes The New Jay Leno

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"Sources" report Howard Stern will take over for Jimmy Fallon as "Late Night" host if Fallon replaces Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."


Howard Stern’s Interview With Alex Jones Was A Rollicking Crazy Train Wreck

By | 15 Comments

Alex Jones is crazy. This much is clear. Just how crazy I did not know until listening to this interview with Howard Stern.

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Mark Cuban’s Interview With Howard Stern Was Delightful

By | 7 Comments

Mark Cuban sat down for an interview with Howard Stern this week. it was one of the more revealing looks into the life of a filthy rich person you'll hear.


Howard Stern Didn’t Mean To Say ‘Girls’ Feels ‘Like A Rape’ Because Of Lena Dunham’s Nudity, You Guys

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On Monday, Howard Stern made fun of Lena Dunham's nudity, saying watching her feels like "a rape." On Tuesday, he's "Girls" biggest superfan. Guh?

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Tracy Morgan Blames Mitt Romney For Hurricane Sandy

By | 9 Comments

Can Mitt Romney and the Republicans control the weather? Tracy Morgan thinks so!


Howard Stern Does Not Much Care For Jay Leno, Called Him A 'Backstabbing C-mbag'

By | 21 Comments

Howard Stern slammed Jay Leno for trying to look like a good guy after reducing his salary after NBC reduced the Tonight Show's budget.


Jerry Springer Has Angered The Bronies. Prepare To Be Loved And Tolerated, Jerry.

By | 12 Comments

Jerry Springer still has a show, and he angered bronies with a casting call for bronies with lovers who object to their fandom.


Art Imitates Life: Tiffani Thiessen Dated A 19-Year-Old When She Was 14

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Tiffani Thiessen ("Saved by the Bell's" Kelly Kapowski) went on Howard Stern this morning and talked about losing her virginity at 14 to her 19-year-old boyfriend.


'Air Sex Expert' Manages To Do Something Even Howard Stern Found 'Highly Offensive'

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Before this week, I've never made even the slightest effort to watch America's Got Talent, though I was tempted briefly when it was announced that Howard Stern would be a judge on the show.


What the Hell Happened to Howard Stern?

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I haven't listened to much of Howard Stern since his move to satellite radio many years ago.


Letterman and Stern Crap On Leno

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This clip has already been <a href="">almost everywhere today</a>, but in the interest of Leno-bashing completeness, I feel like we should post it here as well.

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Letterman And Howard Stern Hilariously Trash Leno

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The pic you see above is a screengrab from last night's Late Show.

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And The Winner Is, Uh… Baba Booey?

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When "America's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan announced he was leaving the show to focus on his CNN gig, the biggest question on everyone's mind was why there aren't more babies with awesome names like Touchdown or Bazooka.

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Lady Gaga’s Performance Of ‘The Edge Of Glory’ on Howard Stern Was Pretty Great


Yes, I know -- I covered <a href="">Lady Gaga's appearance on the Howard Stern show yesterday</a>, but at the time I wrote the post Stern's staff still hadn't uploaded footage of her performing "The Edge Of Glory" on the show.


Lady Gaga To Howard Stern: ‘I Got Laid Last Night’

By | 3 Comments

As everyone knows, no one -- NO ONE -- is a better interviewer than Howard Stern.

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