SXSW 2010

Monica Blaire – “Material Girl”

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Putting on all sorts of Hip-Hop showcases means having to sit through performances from a Secretary Of State line of rappers, which begins take it's toll after about the two-hundredth time you've had to 'throw your set up.


TSS Crew In Austin

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TC here, checking in to give you a brief update on our present and future moves as we continue to make our rounds in Austin.


The Week That Was: The Telephone Edition

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Like a bat out of hell, Lady Gaga added a bit of spice to what was shaping up to be somewhat of a mundane week.


TSS x Burn Rubber Present Hustlepalooza: The SXSW Mixtape

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To coincide with TSS x Burn Rubber x Hustlepalooza landing in Austin on March 20th, a few of the artists gathered together in the name of all things Hip-Hop & holy to provide the pre-extravaganza listening experience.


Add This To Your SXSW Itinerary

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When we gave the first points for your SXSW itinerary, I mentioned that there would be updates.

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