Suzi Analouge

I, Ced Ft. Om’Mas Keith & Suzi Analogue – “Wildest Dreams”


Four years ago, I heard I,Ced and Coultrain's "Love...Meaning"* and I don't think I've ever quite recovered.


“Now Or Later” – I, Ced’s All In My Mind LP

Fans of Black Spade, Coultrain and the Hawthorne Headhunters are most likely familiar with the work of I, Ced, even if they don’t know it.

Myriad Of Now

First Listen: Hawthorne Headhunters’ “Myriad Of Now” EP

Black Spade and Coultrain separately have the respect of music lovers worldwide on their own merits for pushin' their brand of future funk and progressive soul.

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