Atomic Animation!

IBM Show Their Love For ‘Star Trek’ On An Atomic Level


Check out this 1 nanometer high animated Star Trek logo...


A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie


A Boy And His Atom is a film so small it had to be created by nanophysicists at IBM by moving individual atoms.


IBM’s Five Predictions for the Next Five Years: How Likely Are They?


Every year, IBM does a "Five in Five": they look at current technology and where it's headed, and make an educated guess or two about what we're going to see within five years.

terminator cat can has nuclear codes?

IBM Made A Cat’s Brain?


Finally, our dream of a computer that acts aloof and urinates on everything is about to be realized.

Artificial Intelligence

Computer To Face Ultimate Nerd Challenge: Jeopardy

By | 3 Comments

It looks like scientists have finally designed a computer that can beat nerds at their own game.

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