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The Brand New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Poster Answers Some Cast Questions

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The brand new poster for Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' is jam-packed with characters and a few extra names to confirm some rumors.


Idris Elba Let Everyone Know How He Feels About Being The Next James Bond

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Stringer Bell driving a weaponized Aston Martin sounds good to me.


Rush Limbaugh Believes That James Bond Should Be ‘White And Scottish, Period’

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After it was revealed that Sony's Amy Pascal would like to see Idris Elba play James Bond, Rush Limbaugh weighed in with his opinion.


Idris Elba Claims That Fame Is Great, But It’s Making Him Suspicious Of Everyone


English thespian sometimes thinks his neighbors are out to get him. Maybe they're just trying to prevent more accidental tweeting.


A New, Unlikely Rumor Has Idris Elba Playing Apocalypse In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

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Idris Elba might've canceled the apocalypse in 'Pacific Rim,' but he could be starting it up again for the 'X-Men.'


Fox Continues Its British Invasion By Ordering A Pilot For A ‘Luther’ Adaptation

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In an attempt to one-up David Tennant, maybe Idris Elba will play every single role in the American version of the hit British show.

#Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Idris Elba And Tom Hiddleston Confirmed For More Marvel Movies (Spoilers Inside)

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Idris Elba revealed he and Tom Hiddleston are in a movie we weren't expecting to see them in, and a redacted article reveals even more.


A Funny Nic Cage Story Leads The Highlights Of Idris Elba’s Reddit AMA

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Idris Elba was charming as always during his Reddit AMA and we've collected the best bits for you to enjoy.


Idris Elba’s ‘No Good Deed’ Won’t Screen For Critics In Order To Protect Its Legendary Secrecy

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The makers of Idris Elba's 'No Good Deeds' recently took the extraordinary step of canceling their own press screening in order to maintain secrecy.


Idris Elba Tried To Explain Away His Magnificent Pants Unicorn To Jimmy Kimmel

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Idris Elba once again tries to dismiss rumors of his huge dong as a 'microphone wire.' Do we believe him?


Idris Elba Has Responded To Those Penis Pictures That Got Everyone Excited

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Idris Elba caused quite a stir when people saw an image of what appeared to be an enourmous penis in his pants. Now he's ready to talk.

man snakes

Today Is Brought To You By Idris Elba’s Enormous Penis

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These photos of what looks like Idris Elba's penis hit the internet today, and we're all in shock and awe.


What’s On Tonight: Stringer Bell Drives Fast Cars In Scotland

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including "Idris Elba: King of Speed."


If Idris Elba Could Play Any Superhero, He’d Choose Superman

By | 24 Comments

For this year's Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, the always cool Idris Elba admitted that he'd like to play Superman if he ever has the chance.


Recasting 10 Of The Greatest Basketball Movies Ever


When Spike Lee announced that he was in discussions with Ray Allen about a possible sequel to He Got Game, every basketball head who dearly loved the movie wondered who could possibly be casted for the next film.

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