Kean University

Kean University Students Are Pissed Because Administrators Spent $219,000 On A Table

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It's difficult to complain about millennials complaining about not having enough when a college spends close to a quarter of a million dollars on a f*cking conference room table.


Chinese Boy Runs Away From Home, Lives In IKEA For Nearly A Week


12-year-old Peng Yijian set up shop in the furniture store after having a fight with his parents.


IKEA Releases A Sleek New Desk To Remind Us We Spend Too Much Of Our Lives Sitting

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I'd love to stand up while at work...if only I didn't love sitting down more.


IKEA Singapore’s New Halloween Commercial Is A Spooky Tribute To ‘The Shining’


Who knew the furniture store would be the perfect setting for a horror movie?


When IKEA Holds A Costume Contest, We All Win.

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IKEA's Malaysian division announced a contest, asking their Facebook fans to dress up as any IKEA product. The results are spectacular.

horror movies

Here Are Some Easy IKEA Instructions On How To Assemble Your Favorite Horror Movie Killers

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If you've ever wondered what it would be like if IKEA sold horror characters instead of horse meat and furniture, here's your chance.

Pet Adoption

IKEA Is Using Its Affordable Swedish Furniture Powers For Good To Help Homeless Animals Get Adopted

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Tip of the hat to IKEA, because this is a really good thing that they're doing.

that shit cray

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Go To IKEA’s ‘Crayfish Party’

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You may have been recently invited to a "crayfish party" at IKEA. Do not even think about going to this.

poo news

Fecal Matter Found In IKEA Chocolate Cake

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IKEA has been selling actual sh*t cakes. I suppose the lesson learned from all of this is that one shouldn't go to a furniture store for the food.

swedish meatballs

Horse Meat Found In IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs

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Those delicious Swedish meatballs you had at IKEA over the weekend may have contained horse meat. Sorry, Barbaro!


Meme Watch: IKEA Monkey Photoshops Are More Fun Than A Barrel Full Of, Well, You Know

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Darwin the IKEA Monkey is going to be well cared for, which makes it easy to guiltlessly show off our 30 favorite IKEA Monkey photoshops, GIFs, and videos.


All Bow Down To Your New Internet Overlord, A Coat-Wearing Monkey Found In An Ikea

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A monkey wearing a coat was found in an Ikea in Toronto over the weekend. STORY OF THE YEAR.


Intriguingly Repurposed Household Items And Links


"I am the ink keeper, are you the cartridge master.


IKEA Unveils ‘MANLAND,’ An In-Store Playland For Men


Because everyone knows that a) men are essentially children, b) men hate shopping with the ladies in their life and c) men love to play games, this move by IKEA to create men-only playlands in their stores is one of the more brilliant ideas I've seen in a while.


9.12 The Cooler

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Maria Allure Could Google Steal Hulu and Throw a Wrench in Netflix's Plan.

#Iron Man


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Lost experts talk season six, which is all the excuse I needed to post the "Lost spoiler" picture above.

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