This Couple Had The Brillant Idea To Drop Acid Before Putting Together Ikea Furniture

“Good color choice on the furniture guys,” Giancarlo says while giggling and admiring the white Ikea frame. In this instance, we don’t know if he’s being sarcastic, or if he really means the cheap, white piece of wood is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen because Giancarlo is on acid. This is HIKEA, and it’s definitely something. Possibly even entertaining.

Surprisingly, the construction of the Ikea furniture goes well, even with the Giancarlo doing his best to not hurt the wooden nails as he gently hammers them into place. There are a few distractions, however. Like outside.


After admiring the sunny day and discussing the neutrality of his emotions towards existence, Giancarlo seems to contradict himself by confirming that having no emotions is cool, despite “coolness” being a frame of mind or emotional attitude. Whoa.

Meanwhile, Nicole is having trouble building:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.45.29 PM

Somehow, the drawer is slowly getting built, and everything is going to plan. But then Nicole and Giancarlo come to the realization that they have a whole dresser to build. So, after nearly four hours and with only one section of the dresser built, they give up. They seem dejected, but they quickly perk up when they go outside to play in a park.

(Via Get HIKEA)

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