Everyone Is Trolling ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans With Hodor Door Stoppers

Game of Thrones fans were left reeling by the — spoiler — apparent death of Hodor in “The Door”. You can watch the fateful scene here, or just enjoy an obligatory “Tha Crossroads” remix. At least he went out exactly how Hodor actor Kristian Nairn wanted him to go.

Finding out his name means “Hold the door” — and the singular significance of that phrase — in one powerful scene has spawned several people to simultaneously invent what Mashable calls “the world’s saddest homeware item: The Hodor door stopper.”

It didn’t take long for some, like the Australian IKEA Facebook page for example, to use Hodor’s backstory to sell their own door stoppers:

We believe Morgan Schellhorn had the best response to this when she said, “I come to IKEA for affordable and aesthetically pleasing furniture/storage solutions, not to have MY HEART RIPPED OUT.”

Getting your heart ripped out by IKEA takes a long time because they use a little Allen wrench.

But devastating heartbreaks aside, it didn’t take long for others to make the suggestion of a specifically Hodor-themed doorstop. (Hodoorstop? Hodorstop?)

And then there were the photoshop versions:

It’s an idea which was quickly monetized, of course, with a Kickstarter campaign:

You don’t need to buy a Hodorstop, though. You can just make your own, as plenty of people demonstrated:

You can even 3D print your own with instructions from Thingiverse:

And if you’re a big Hodor fan, you may already have an official piece of merchandise that will faithfully hold the door for you.

He held the door, you guys. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

(Via Mashable, Nerdcore, and Twitter)