IKEA Is Testing DIY Food At One Of Their Stores — Allen Wrench Not Included

Ever hosted a dinner party? They’re stressful and often leave the house and kitchen a bit of a mess, which — hello! — adds even more stress. Ever hosted a dinner party at an IKEA store? No? Well, the very same IKEA that sells impossible-to-put-together furniture and horse meatballs is testing out a new program called “The Dining Club.” Said program will give one weary host a location and fully-fitted kitchen to host the illest dinner party you and your friends have ever gossiped and mingled your way through.

The Dining Club allows a host to invite 7 to 19 guests to use a fully functioning kitchen to prepare and serve brunch, lunch, or dinner. It’s a “chance to experience the restaurant where you’re the chef,” according to their website. And just in case you’re at a loss for recipes and inspiration, a guest chef will be on hand to keep your dinner party afloat. In fact, IKEA is even planning themed meals to give your party that extra layer of value.

Some of the themes actually sound pretty cool — “Love Food Hate Waste,” “Fermentation,” “The Future of Food,” and “Sensory Eating” stand out. The usual IKEA canteen food will also be available, as well as a shop to buy everything on show at the dinner party. The company is currently testing this idea out at their Shoreditch location in London, but don’t be surprised if they start popping up in America soon.

(Via Eater)